Hairdresser shares extreme HAIR LICE infestation in client’s hair – revealing THOUSANDS of EGGS


A hairdresser has gone viral on TikTok after sharing a video of a horrific lice infestation in a client’s hair – showing thousands of eggs and crawling creatures.

Rachel Maroun, 21, from Sydney, Australia, works as a head lice technician and shares clips of her most severe cases online.

Rachel and her lice comb

One recent case was that of a girl with extremely long hair, whose family were struggling to treat the lice at home as they were all affected with Covid and were isolating at different stages.

The clients hair – filled with eggs

Upon finally getting to go and see Rachel, it was clear that the lice had gained control of the client’s hair, with her family unable to quell them.

Over the course of a whole day, the expert was able to finally remove all traces of lice from her head.

Some of the eggs and lice scraped from the hair

Rachel filmed a clip of the huge infestation, sharing the clip on TikTok where it garnered 13.5 million views and 1.5 million likes.

In the video, she shows the girls long, brown hair, before getting started on the lice.

She starts to comb through the bottom section first, which Rachel calls the ‘lice nursery’, before showing all the tiny eggs dotted in the hair.

She then combs through all of the hair, and after getting all of the insects out, she kills the biggest lice on camera.

Remains from the girls hair

One person commented: “Why did my head start to get itchy when I watched this.”

Another viewer said: “My therapist is making me watch this to try and get over my INSANE fear.”

Someone else put: “I would shave my hair.”

“My head IS ITCHY,” commented another user.

“Hell no!” said someone else.

“The client was thrilled from the moment I finished our first section of combing,” Rachel told

“She said she felt a ‘massive weight’ lifted from her hair and I don’t blame her considering I combed out an entire family of head lice!

Pictured: Rachel Maroun

“She was extremely patient and very happy to have a thorough comb through provided after all that time of struggling.”

The client was left feeling happy and healthy, after seeing how shiny and glistening her beautiful new hair looked.

Rachel added: “Following the appointment, I instructed her on how to keep the lice away, giving her a longer period of lice-free bliss!

“I checked up with her one-week post treatment to hear she was completely symptom-free and happy.

“The worst thing to do when you have lice is give them time as lice multiply way too fast and become uncontrollable very quickly.

“The family of the client were left inside with very little materials to treat the lice at home.

“Relying on chemical shampoos and cheap lice combs that had no effect on the super lice case they were struggling with.”

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