Woman goes viral revealing ‘genius’ hack for avoiding luggage costs – and all you need is a pillowcase

A woman has gone viral on TikTok with a sneaky hack revealing how to avoid hefty luggage costs – and all you need is a pillowcase.

A woman has gone viral on TikTok with a sneaky hack revealing how to avoid hefty luggage costs – and all you need is a pillowcase.

Tedi Ivanova, 21, from Belgium, Europe, goes on family holidays every year and over time has picked up unique tips and tricks for her adventures.

Video grab from Tedi Ivanova’s video (Picture: Jam Press)

One thing that always bothers the student is that she can never bring along enough clothes, because her tickets only include hand luggage to save on expenses.

So, Tedi has come up with an ingenious hack, leaving 41.5 million TikTok users in awe.

“I always found packing frustrating because I always had to limit myself since my parents never pay for extra luggage, we always only travel with hand baggage,” Tedi told NeedToKnow.Online

Tedi Ivanova with her luggage and secret pillow (Picture: Jam Press)

“I am someone that likes to wear a lot of outfits on vacation so to try and fit everything in a mini suitcase was always a nightmare.”

Tedi demonstrates how she fills a pillow – which is often not counted as part of hand luggage – with her clothes, as well as blankets and other soft items.

In her TikTok video (@itisivanovaa), she can be seen walking through the airport with the stuffed pillow, with airline staff none the wiser.

Later, she reveals the contents – opening the pillow onto her hotel bed and the items pour out.

The video of Tedi’s pillow hack (Video: Jam Press)

She said: “I did it and was so surprised how helpful it was!”

“It was handy because I do use the pillow during the flight or in the taxi on the way to the hotel.”

Tedi’s step-by-step guide:

1. Buy a fluffy/hairy pillowcase

2. Fill it in only with clothes and soft items

3. “Don’t act suspicious since you aren’t!”

Social media users are in awe of the trick, which has racked up over 4.5m likes and 13,400 comments from thankful viewers.

One viewer commented: “Outsmarted, genius move!”

Another said: “That’s actually pretty smart”

Someone else commented: “BRILLIANT.”

“GENIUS OMGGGG,” said another fan, with shocked emojis. [sic]

“This is brilliant!” said someone else.

“I work for security we don’t care if it’s stuffed with clothes it’s the airlines problem,” commented another viewer. [sic]

Tedi is surprised at how much attention her video has received but loves that it has helped others.

She said: “I am not complaining!

It saved me the struggle to always try and find a way to bring all of my clothes with me!

Tedi Ivanova (Picture: Jam Press)

“Always use clothes or soft items because it still has to have the purpose, look and feel of a pillow.”

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