‘Surprise gift’: Woman horrified after finding dead MOUSE in crisp packet


A woman has been left disgusted after allegedly finding a dead rat inside her bag of crisps.

When Esther De La Rosa from Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico went to buy a packet of salted crisps from her local shop, she had no idea what was hiding inside.

After opening the bag of Barcel Chips in her car, she was shocked to discover a dead rat amongst the crips and says she has been left traumatised.

image of rat in crisps
Esther has been left traumatised (Picture:Jam Press)

Esther later took to Facebook to share her horrific ordeal. In the post, she shows several bags of crisps on a store shelf, as well as her own bag with a rodent visibly hanging out the packet.

“I got a rat in the potato chips!,” she captioned the post. “

It’s incredible this happened, I never imagined it.

“These were always my favourite.

“Don’t buy these chips ever again, take care of your children.”

esther in her car
Esther contacted the company after her horrific discovery (Picture: Jam Press)

Esther also shared the allegedly contaminated crisps on her Twitter account.

Chips Barcel, the company which makes the crisps promptly replied with a response that asked Esther to send them more detail in a private message.

Many users have flocked to the comments’ sections to share their disgust.

“IS SHE ALIVE?” wrote one person.

“So good that it came out as soon as you opened it and not that you ate some and then it came out,” said someone else. [sic]

“It was on two legs?????” wrote a third user. [sic]

“Mmm meat,” joked someone else. “Surprise gift,” added another user.

“Kinder egg hahaha,” joked someone else. Jam Press has contacted Chips Barcel for comment.

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