‘Maybe next time I’ll do it naked’: Super-fit grandma, 53, wears BIKINI to lift weights at London gym

Andrea showed up to her gym in just a bikini

A super-fit grandma has gone viral after showing herself wearing a bikini to the gym, which has left her feeling liberated.

Andrea Sunshine, 53, splits her time between London and Brazil and regularly hits the headlines sharing her secrets to keeping healthy including eating 150 eggs a month and hitting the gym up to eight hours a day.

She has now revealed to JamPrime.com that she recently took to Instagram (@andrea__sunshine) to share a new passion with her 175,000 followers.

Andrea left viewers stunned after showing up at the gym is just a bikini. (Picture: Jam Press)

In a post that has left users stunned, Andrea reveals herself working out at Pure Gym in South Kensington, London.

“Today I broke all the protocols at gym, I wanted do something irreverent, unusual unexpected,” she wrote.

“So I did and I loved the way I felt, free spirit, I love what I see, this sexy Granny worth a Milions for all the qualities she does have.

“But the most important ones, courage, authenticity and audacity.” [sic]

The post, which features a series of clips of Andrea performing an exercise in a black bikini, has racked up over 1,000 likes as well as plenty of comments from viewers.

In one video, other people can be seen in the background but they don’t seem bothered in the slightest by the model’s outfit.

However, Andrea did get asked by the gym manager to work out in another room but by that point she only had one rep left to do, which they accepted.

Andrea eats 150 eggs a month to keep fit. (Picture: Jam Press)

“He asked that when I do my bikini workouts, that I do them in a separate room,” Andrea told JamPrime.com.

“I explained how my training was basically done and then I would stop, he said ok.”

But she still pushes for other gym-goers to follow in her footsteps, saying: “I encourage people to do what they feel.

“I’m a big supporter of free speech, we only live once and we have every right to be ourselves and be very comfortable with it.”

Social media users have come out in droves to support the influencer’s look.

“Goddess mode,” wrote one user, followed by a fire emoji.

Someone else said: “You rock and inspire, much success in your life!”

“She KILLS IT!” commented another fan.

“Simply gorgeous!!! My great inspiration and admiration,” said someone else.

One Instagram user commented: “Wow! So inspiring hun!”

“Hard work and dedication,” said another person, followed by heart emojis.

Social media users were left amazed by the grandmothers physique. (Picture: Jam Press)

It also seems Andrea isn’t the only one who works out in swimwear, with another user commenting: “I’m always working out in my bikini,” adding a laughing emoji.

Andrea says she has always wanted to try wearing a bikini to the gym and was so happy when she finally built up the courage to do it.

She said: “I have always wanted to try this because it turns me on to see my muscles pumped and when you are wearing clothes you can’t see these,” she said.

“But I haven’t been in the mood to really do it, that day I felt like, and I did!”

Unusual reactions to her lifestyle are nothing new to Andrea, as she’s shared some pretty wild experiences in the gym in the past.

She said: “Well, people were amazed by my courage, and my daring.

“My shape is amazing, so if anyone wasn’t sure if my body looks good or not, that day everyone was convinced that my body is real.

“Nobody said anything to me, just watched non-stop because the view was very unexpected and surprisingly hot!” [sic]

The experience has left the influencer feeling free and liberated.

She added: “I felt like a free spirit out of tabus, judgements.

“I felt freedom and that’s an incredible feeling!

“So who knows what comes next!

“Will I be completely naked? But that might be a problem… people are not ready for who I am!”

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