Super fit gran, 64, shares clothes with granddaughter, 21, and says people ‘admire’ her ‘sexy body’

An influencer, 21, has revealed how she shares clothes and hits the gym with her super-fit grandmother all the time – despite the pair being 43 years apart.

An influencer, 21, has revealed how she shares clothes and hits the gym with her super-fit grandmother all the time – despite the pair being 43 years apart.

Lesley Maxwell, a personal trainer from Melbourne, Australia, regularly hits the headlines for her trim physique and many people refuse to believe her age as she doesn’t look much older than her granddaughter, Tia Christofi.

The gym-obsessed duo regularly train together and often flaunt their toned bodies side-by-side on Instagram, leaving social media users baffled by their age difference.

21-year-old Tia trains with her superfit Grandma, Lesley (Picture: Jam Press)

Tia, who often shares clothes with her grandmother, hopes to look as good as she does in the future. “We are often mistaken as mother and daughter!,” she told

“My grandmother is young at heart and we both share a passion for health and fitness.

“Most grandmothers bring cakes when they visit but mine brings organic eggs, organic berries, and make buckwheat pancakes

“I aspire to look just as good as she does when I’m her age.

“She looks amazing and I will definitely live a healthy lifestyle when I’m her age. “We try to fit in a session each week together, mostly at my home gym.

“We mostly do weight training together, I prefer training legs and booty, and she likes to train her upper body!”

Lesley, who has 117,000 followers on Instagram (@lesleymaxwellfitness), loves to work out with her equally physically fit granddaughter and credits her impressive physique to the pair’s frequent gym sessions.

“I’m so proud of Tia and love how we have similar interests,” she told

“We often share clothes and even bikinis, which is a bonus.

Tia and Lesley even share clothes (Picture: Jam Press)

“I think Tia is stunning in her own right and I’m blessed to have such a lovely granddaughter.

“I work out for about an hour, five times a week.

“I enjoy going to the gym just as much as somebody else likes going for a drink.”

The beautiful duo also model together, having recently done a shoot for Australian retailer MESHKI

As the colder months approach, motivation to stay fit can often plummet as people reach for comfortable clothes and sugary snacks.

Thankfully, the ripped gran has also shared her top tips for staying trim during winter – and says it’s all about making small changes to your lifestyle.

Lesley said: “I go against the grain, don’t believe in fad diets or fasting. “I eat six times a day and my meals are made up of proteins and fats.

“Of course, I understand that in the cooler weather it’s easier to cuddle up on the couch and perhaps be tempted by high-calorie food that has no nutritious value, however then, we can gain weight.

“Always start small and process.

“If you tell yourself to get up and exercise just for a few minutes, you will end up doing it for longer.

“You have to get over the initial phase and it becomes a habit. “I don’t always break into a sweat but I am consistent and have respect for my body.

“If you have a racehorse, you would want to show it off and not let it laze around. “People always admire a healthy strong body, it makes you feel sexy.”

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