‘How do I come back from this?’: Woman’s botched haircut leaves TikTok users in stitches


A woman has gone viral after a trip to the hairdresser went horribly wrong – leaving TikTok users in hysterics over the botched cut.

Angelica Miller, 30, from Phoenix US, was left traumatised after a hairdresser accidentally ruined her hair.

The mum decided she needed a fresh look after giving birth to her son six months ago, but was left reeling following the appointment.

Angelica was left shocked at her new hair. (Picture: Jam Press)

Angelica shared her traumatic haircut experience on TikTok, racking up more than 548,000 views and 69,500 likes.

In the clip, she is sitting in the hairdresser’s chair as her brown locks get chopped – and it’s not long before the mum reveals her new look.

Sitting in her car following the cut, the 30-year-old, who has a look of pure disappointment on her face, reveals her botched hair saying: “This s*** is bad, how do I come back from this?’.

She adds: “I’m about to cry…what the f**k is this?… There’s no way for me to fix this side.”

People on TikTok found Angelica’s botched haircut hilarious.

Angelica sat in her car after walking out of the hairdressers. (Picture: Jam Press)

One person said: “Lmao! I’m sorry but she made you look like Moe, from the Three Stooges! Please don’t try to find any more hair “hacks”. That’s exactly what she gave you!” [sic]

“That looks like a lawsuit,” commented someone else.

Another person added: “You actually paid for that.”

“She gave you the ‘makeup brush 2023’,” joked another user.

One person added: “You went from a MODEL to WANTED!!!”

“The way I just busted out laughing omg I’m sorry I don’t mean to laugh this hard,” someone else said. [sic]

“Yooooo the way my mouth DROPPED Hell Nah,” added another user. [sic]

The mum was left horrified. (Picture: Jam Press)

While TikTok users saw the funny side, Angelica was horrified following the cut.

“I froze for a second, I couldn’t believe it,” she told NeedToKnow.online.

“Halfway through I asked the stylist to stop cutting my hair because I noticed that the sides were uneven.

“But she proceeded with trying to cut the other side down to match the shorter side.

“I told her I would like to pay and leave. I was in shock and literally so embarrassed so I walked out after paying but whilst sitting in my car making the video, I got really upset.

“After that, I went back inside and told her this haircut was unacceptable and that I would like a refund.

“I was truly discouraged and felt so low after that.

“I didn’t understand how it could turn out so bad. It wasn’t until I went home and styled it, that I felt a little bit better.

“I had showed the stylist a picture, and she assured me that we could achieve this style but that due to my hair being longer, it wouldn’t lay flat for a couple of days or until I washed it.

“I was not prepared for what was to come.”

Angelica says she paid $25 for her haircut, with $5 of it being a tip, and after asking for a refund claims she got $20 back.

When she got back home, Angelica decided to post the beauty fail online, leaving hundreds of people in hysterics.

Many were also quick to reach out to the mum, with one woman offering to help Angelica.

Angelica with her new look thanks to @1dopestylist. (Picture: Jam Press)

Angelica said: “I had it fixed by an independent stylist name Tarajay and @1dopestylist on Instagram, she reached out and helped me for free.

“She couldn’t believe how the lady cut my hair. She said after seeing the video it looked worse in person.”

Since the incident, Angelica has not been back in touch with the original hairdresser but still can’t get over how they did her “so wrong”.

She added: ” I have not been in contact with them.

“I would hate to be the one to affect someone’s livelihood, although she really did me wrong but you know, karma.

“I feel so much better now and my confidence has skyrocketed since getting my hair fixed. The big chop feels so freeing!”

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