‘I found out my fiancé was cheating on me by using this hack – now I want to help other women’

A woman who split with her “cheating” ex-fiancé has revealed the hack which “saved” her – and now, hopes to help other women.

A woman who split with her “cheating” ex-fiancé has revealed the hack which “saved” her – and now, hopes to help other women.

Kira Arellano, 19, a behavioural health technician from Las Vegas, US, has recently gone viral after claiming she’s discovered a “full proof” method to finding out if someone’s cheating.

Four months into their whirlwind romance, her now ex-fiancé popped the question, which she eagerly accepted despite her concerns he had been cheating on her only three days prior.

In a bid to secure her finances – and emotional well-being – she instantly suggested a prenuptial agreement, which included a clause stating if someone in the relationship cheats, the other half is entitled to compensation for emotional damage.

Pictured: Kira Arellano. (Credit: Jam Press)

Soon, they broke things off and now, as she wants to protect other women from infidelity, she’s shared her hack on TikTok, racking up 2.7 million views and 498,000 likes.

“I brought up the prenup and infidelity clause, which he was very uncomfortable about,” she told NeedToKnow.Online.

“Eventually, he did reluctantly agree, although he showed lessened intentions of getting married after that.

“[This was] around three months into our engagement, where up until this point, he was very adamant on getting married and having a baby.

“For context, he proposed three days after I found out he was cheating and at the time, I decided to forgive him as I convinced myself that I loved him for survival purposes.

“As far as wedding planning goes, we had some very brief conversations about venues and I picked out a dress, which I absolutely fell in love with – but after the prenup conversation, the planning didn’t really continue.”

Soon, the pair called it quits after they started frequently arguing, where Kira recalls realising she couldn’t “change him” and stuck with the motto: “Once a cheater, always a cheater.”

Pictured: Kira Arellano. (Credit: Jam Press)

In the clip, she talks viewers through her story, while the text: “How to know your man will cheat” is written across the screen.

Users flocked to the comments to share their opinions, with many agreeing with the “full proof” method.

“The only way I’ll get married is if the prenup says this,” one viewer commented.

Another person added: “No matter how much you love the person GET A PRENUP.”

“Don’t ever get marry without a prenup. Also put something in case you or him get sick,” someone else advised.

One user added: “Prenups should be standard…it’s not a bad thing. Protect yourself always. If he loves you, he will sign it.”

@florenceonfourth said: “I got a prenup and ours is super detailed on if we have kids together, if either party becomes disabled, infidelity clause, etc. We spent days and weeks doing the whole process he knew before he proposed I wouldn’t get married again without one.”

Kira added: “I’m very thankful that I got out of that relationship and prevented myself from being stuck in a marriage with someone who doesn’t love me and never loved me.

“I’m definitely healing and it can be really hard sometimes because I really did love this person, even though I know he hurt me and cheated on me.

“I never cheated on him, I tried to be the best girlfriend and I know that whenever I do decide I’m ready to start another relationship, I will be confident that I can carry myself out to be a good partner.

“Now, I can explore my sexuality further and I’ve stayed firm on cutting contact with him.”

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