George Michael bought guitar from pawn shop just hours before shooting Faith video

For a bargain 20 bucks

George Michael bought the guitar for his iconic Faith video just hours before shooting it – from a PAWN SHOP.

The singer snapped up the instrument for just $20.

The leather jacket he wore in it was also bought as he was just about to make the hit 1987 video.

George Michael styled himself for the Faith video just hours before shooting (Credit: Jam Press)

He purchased the garment from a vintage clothes store.

Both were in Los Angeles across the road from each other.

Andy Morahan – who directed the iconic video – said the pearls added to the leather jacket was the superstar’s way “to signal he was gay.”

George came out as gay over a decade later – in 1998.

Morahan – who directed a string of hit music videos in the 1980s and 1990s – said: “George did have a stylist and he knew he wanted a rocker kinda look.

The jacket was bought from a vintage store (Credit: Jam Press)

“But she just wasn’t bringing home the bacon as it were in terms of clothes.

“And in a kind of desperation the night before the shoot I and his sister Melanie went down on Melrose in a shop called Leathers and Treasures and found this jacket.

“That was the night before.

“And as we came out of there I noticed a pawn shop across the road which had that guitar in it.

“It was 20 bucks.

“They had a few others made. I don’t know where the original is now.

“Because he went on tour they had to have four or five.

“There have been many stories over the years of people who claim to have styled this video.

“He knew how he wanted to look.”

The debut solo album was released in 1987 (Credit: Jam Press)

The director also said the Careless Whisper singer put his own stamp on the jacket.

Morahan added: “Revenge was already there.

“What he did was add some pearls on the shoulder.

“Years later he would say that was him signalling he was gay.”

The star – who passed away in 2016 – also previously dismissed claims he was styled for the video.

In a 2010 People Magazine interview he said of the look: “I came up with the leather jacket and everything else.

“I didn’t use a stylist—I don’t think I could have afforded one.”

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