‘Haunted forest’: Woman spends £200,000 transforming house into GOTHIC wonderland – and claims it’s added £300,000 to property value

A woman has spent around £200,000 transforming her home into a gothic wonderland that is like stepping into a “haunted forest”.

A woman has spent around £200,000 transforming her home into a gothic wonderland that is like stepping into a “haunted forest”.

Sarajane Corani, from Tholthorpe, York, decided to make her home into a fairytale world with a dark twist, influenced by literature and history, as well as heavy metal and classical music – including that of her favourite band, Evanescence.

The 47-year-old operations manager also estimates that her savvy interior skills have added an approximate value of £300,000 to her home.

Sharing her journey and home – dubbed Dark Rose – on Instagram, Sarajane has amassed 44,100 followers.

The custom-made bath (Picture: Jam Press)

“I want it to feel like being lost in a dark fairytale somewhere out there in a haunted forest,” Sarajane told NeedToKnow.co.uk.

“I want to be utterly enchanted when I enter any kind of space, whether it’s someone’s home or a historic house or a shop, for example.

“I want all my senses to be engaged in the experience of drinking it all in and I really feel that the gothic look, when done well, can really achieve this as no other look can.”

Living in her home for a year, with her partner, Simon Bowler, 42, and cats, Esca and Szabo, Sarajane stripped the property down to its bare bones, starting from scratch to achieve her vision.

In total, she estimates to have spent £200,000 on the renovation, including labour, materials, and the numerous fixtures and fittings she added to the design.

She said: “We lived in chaos throughout the process so that we could use every penny to spend on getting the things we wanted.

“I designed everything myself, including the kitchen and bathrooms.

The living room with many candles (Pictured: Jam Press)

“I sourced everything myself [too] and also painted every square inch (some rooms more than once!), so we didn’t have a mass of expense paying for painters and decorators, for example.”

The stunning living room features a large fireplace, filled with individual candles to create the perfect mood lighting, as well as an old mirror, two large armchairs and extensive bookshelves, creating an air of dark academia.

The dining area is complete with a functional piano and a large dining table shrouded by plants.

A stone angel stands guard in the corner, looking at the birdcage centrepiece.

The master bedroom boasts a large four-poster bed, sloped ceiling and chandelier, featured on the set of Game of Thrones, weighing 32kg and costing £800.

Out of everything, Sarajane is most proud of her bathroom, waiting six months for a custom-made bath from Indonesia, which cost her £1,800.

The antique toilet was sourced from an allotment in Sunderland, previously being used as a planter before she gave it a whole new life.

To create her signature look, Sarajane swears by the use of candles, and low lighting creating an intimate and secretive feel.

She said: “I’d live by candlelight if I could – it’s absolutely key to achieving this look; it harks back to an older age and the shadows cast obviously really play into that mindset.

“I do have skulls, and bats and ravens but their presence is likely to be a bit more Shakespeare and Edgar Allen Poe.

Ornaments in the sitting room (Picture: Jam Press)

“I love the fact that darker, richer walls can envelop you; they really work to make the room feel more intimate.”

Showing off her home to friends and family, Sarajane has received an overwhelmingly positive reaction, with one friend reportedly even crying at the incredible transformation.

And she gets plenty of praise online, too.

In one video, gaining one million views and over 71,500 likes, Sarajane shows off her bathroom.

One person said: “Imagine going to a friends house and using the restroom just to see this.. I would be drying out the sink with paper towel after I washed my hands!”

“That’s some crazy satisfying decor going on there! Love it,” someone else added.

Another person wrote: “The best bathroom ever on media.”

“Okay I’m moving into this bathroom. I’m a good tenant, quiet and respectful and I don’t eat too much,” said someone else.

“Love the Adams family vibe,” added another person.

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