‘I make thousands selling my SPIT online and my family hate it – but my boyfriend thinks it’s great’

While her family aren’t completely onboard, her boyfriend loves the venture…
Latiesha poses with a bottle of her spit next to her.

A woman who reportedly makes £10,000 a month selling her spit online has revealed the backlash she receives from her family – but says her boyfriend loves the unusual business venture.

When Latiesha Jones found herself struggling to make ends meet, she initially took a job as a support worker to “serve” her community but soon discovered a much more lucrative side gig.

Having seen others sell bizarre items online, she decided to give it a go for herself – opting to sell spit and nail clippings to willing buyers.

Latiesha poses in an orange bra and black shorts, with black blazer and black boots.
Latiesha makes £10,000 per month selling her bodily fluids and other body parts (Picture: Jam Press)

Although she was soon rolling in the dough, the company director explains that her career choice has caused tension in her personal life, especially with her mum and nan.

“The only person who doesn’t agree with my career is my mum, but we’ve really had a good relationship so it didn’t come as much of a shock,” the 22-year-old, from Manchester, told NeedToKnow.co.uk.

“My nan, being in her 80s, didn’t really understand and was quite disappointed [at first], but we spoke about it and I explained to her what I was doing.

“I told her it was safe and over time, she has grown to understand and be completely judgement-free.”

Latiesha’s biggest fan, however, is her partner and she always shares customer requests with him – some of which are quite unusual.

She said: “My boyfriend is my biggest supporter and I think in this industry it’s important to be with someone who is open-minded and willing to listen.

“Very quickly, he understood that I see it purely as a job and I’m just giving a service – so long as I’m open with him about what requests I’m doing, then he never has anything negative to say.

“I’ve had negative reactions with people when it comes to my line of work, with people online saying I ‘need to get a real job.’

“A lot of men out there wouldn’t be happy or even consider a woman who is within this industry, which is fine, it’s a personal preference.

“But it definitely makes it harder to find a serious partner, so we have to sieve through.

“I have sold my spit for £1,500 before.

Latiesha poses with a pink dress while holding a glass of wine.
Once, she made £1,500 off one purchase (Picture: Jam Press)

“This doesn’t happen often, but I was lucky enough to hit the jackpot with a very wealthy customer, so I knew I could charge a lot and they were still likely to pay.

“The weirdest, maybe even grossest, sale I have ever been requested is my own sick.

“I did decline this sale and they proceeded to request my poop, which I also kindly declined.

“We all have our own limits to things and that’s just mine.”

She has plenty of supporters online with 19,900 followers on TikTok (@latieshajoness), discussing the items she sells, with her videos racking up 730,600 likes in total.

Having only started her business in 2019, Latiesha now makes between £6,000 to £10,000 a month, with an average earning of £60,000 to date.

And it’s now her day job, with the influencer having quit her aforementioned support worker role, and she also used to do the graveyard shift at a supermarket.

But she says the income isn’t as stable as many people think.

She said: “I could get a message and have sold something for £500 in 10 minutes and the next day, there’s no interest.

“The main thing that is time-consuming to a certain degree is posting and promoting the things I sell, so I’m always on my phone.

“Gym clothes and underwear are usually sold for double the amount I paid, depending on how long the customer requests me to wear it for.

“In most cases, the longer the better.

“For me personally, I love when people ask me what I do because I know they are then going to have a plethora of additional questions.

“I can usually debunk the idea that it’s seedy or dangerous work and I love the suspense of not knowing how someone is going to react.

“I think I have found where I fit in and I’m doing something I’m genuinely good at.”

Latiesha frequently reveals the “weird things” she sells online, sharing screenshots of conversations from previous customers, as well as payments received.

She hopes to encourage others to take part in the lucrative side gig. (Picture: Jam Press)

Users flock to the comment section to share their reactions, with many asking for her advice.

“This is the life I want,” one person commented.

Billie said: “Girl please I need to know how.”

“Infooooo girl I got loads of phlegm,” someone else said. [sic]

One user added: “I’d be scared someone might do juju on me too many people out here doing spell work.” [sic]

Latiesha is pictured holding up a white shower buff with the text: 'When I'm about to put my 80p old shower puff in the bin but remember I can sell it & make at least £100'
In a bid to erase the stigma, she shares her career on social media (Picture: Jam Press)

“How did you get into this? Genuinely intrigued! Girls got to make her money,” someone else said.

She added: “I hope to stay empowering women through my work, so they know whatever their situation, they can do anything.

“I wouldn’t give up what I do now, no way.”

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