‘I’m a private investigator – here’s the tell-tale signs your partner is cheating’

A private investigator has revealed the most common signs to look out for if a partner is suspected of cheating.

A private investigator has revealed the most common signs to look out for if a partner is suspected of cheating.

Growing up, Daniel Anderson recalls having an “investigative nature” as well as being a good problem solver, where soon, he started to apply his passion and skills to daily situations.

Now, after six years in the trade as a private investigator, the 38-year-old has worked across multiple sectors, such as insurance fraud, vehicle tracking and most commonly, infidelity.

Pictured: Private Investigator Daniel Anderson (Credit: Jam Press)

Daniel, who is from the West Midlands, has helped people across the globe with his investigative work – particularly when it comes to cheating partners.

While he didn’t plan on delving into relationships, he claims this is the “most demanded” service and says that mostly “successful” women ask for his help.

“It’s not really a conscious decision for us to specifically help out with cheating cases, but it just so happens that it’s the service with the biggest demand,” Daniel, who owns private investigative company, Anderson & Co Surveillance, told NeedToKnow.co.uk.

“It’s mostly reasonably successful women [that contact us] and around 80% of the matrimonial cases are on men, but women do also cheat, just in the minority.

“I think there’s many variables involved and each case is different, so it’s wrong for me to speculate as to why someone would cheat – my job is to find out if they are.

“If we are investigating a cheating partner, and the partner is cheating, we will always evidence that.

“If on the rare occasion a partner isn’t cheating then we’d also evidence and clarify that too.

“Either way the clients get the clarification and answers they need 100% of the time.

“It’s very rare that when a client instructs us to investigate a partner that there is nothing going on.

“I would say nine times out of 10 when a client contact’s us, it’s for a valid reason and they are right.”

Daniel begins with building up a “pattern of life” on the suspected cheating partner, which is done via either tracking their car or through surveillance.

Usually, they follow their suspect from a hotel or on a night out to a discreet location or unlinked residential address.

However, he says there are common aspects for people to look out for, which may suggest cheating.

Here are his top signs.

Pictured: Private Investigator’s hotel room set up (Credit: Jam Press)


Daniel says this is the most common sign, as when the other partner starts to pull away, red flags should start to be raised.

He said: “No physical contact or lack thereof, along with avoiding sleeping in the same bed should make alarm bells ring.

“I’ve heard excuses such as: ‘I can’t sleep’ or ‘the bed isn’t comfortable anymore’ which are clear lies.

“If they don’t want to touch you, or get intimate, or even want a kiss or hug, then it’s not a good sign.

“Total avoidance of the above should make you question the relationship.”

Daniel also says that a change of attitude overall is another common sign, especially if your partner becomes reluctant to do the things they once loved.

He added: “I’ve found that when someone becomes unnecessarily snappy, aggressive and short-tempered, there’s something they’re keeping secret.

“If they appear distant or avoid doing special activities such as eating out or going to the cinema, it might be time to call it a day.”


The second most common sign is when a person has their phone glued to their hand 24/7.

The private investigator says this, combined with a lack of affection, can almost lead to certainty within cheating.

Daniel said: “When a client reaches out, this is one of the red flags we always hear about that 100% results in the partner cheating.

“If they begin taking their phone to the toilet, bath or shower and sleeping with it under their pillow, it’s a definite sign there’s secrets being hidden.

“I’ve heard from people before that their partner, who was never too bothered about their phone, suddenly became very attached.

“And, if it is out on the table, then it’s always face down.”

Pictured: Private Investigator’s car set up (Credit: Jam Press)


It’s the tell-tale sign that’s always in the movies; the husband can’t have dinner with his family because he has to work late.

But really, he’s with his mistress.

The 38-year-old said: “It’s not so much one offs here and there, but typically when they’re staying late repeatedly.

“Especially if it’s a ridiculous time for them to come home.

“Another sign is if they stay longer in the gym, such as three hours or more, and take a sudden interest if they haven’t before.

“And, if they don’t come home with a swimmer’s body, then you know what’s going on.”

Daniel says these signs are almost always reported whenever he investigates cases of this nature – and they’re becoming more common.

His advice? Always be certain before acting.

He added: “Most people come to us because they have financial commitments, families and so on, so they need to know before they confront their partner.

“If they have evidence beyond reasonable doubt, then it’s most likely already confirmed to be an affair.

“Often, these people are left gaslighted, lied to and without answers.

“It’s very rare that we do investigations if the client has only been with the partner for several months, it’s usually those with a lot on the line.

“Of course, in an ideal world, it would be easy to walk away, but without conclusive evidence, many can’t.”

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