Teacher inundated with pupils begging to join her class after finding her OnlyFans account

A teacher has become extremely popular after students discovered her OnlyFans account, with pupils now begging her to teach them.

A teacher has become extremely popular after students discovered her OnlyFans account, with pupils now begging her to teach them.

Sofia Coste, 28, began making saucy content six months ago as a way to earn some extra cash, but she had no idea how big she would become.

After trying to keep the account a secret, the OnlyFans star found out her students watch her content, making for some awkward experiences at work.

Taking to TikTok, Sofia quickly gained over 296,000 followers from students and parents alike as she shared details on the side hustle.

Sofia Coste (Credits: Jam Press)

“I tried to keep it a secret, mostly for my work, but some of my videos went viral and I realized that my students had seen me,” Sofia, from Spain, told NeedToKnow.co.uk.

“When they found me, I had many problems that made my work difficult and it was not a pleasant experience – mainly because people judge.

“My students were surprised of course, but still, because they are young or open-minded, they did not judge me, but rather accepted or understood [it].

“I have some students who are not shy and raised the subject in class, but as a teacher you always have to be formal.

“You can’t scold the students for the question, but you do have to know what to answer and go back to teaching as if nothing had happened.”

Having taught for over six years, Sofia found she needed some extra cash to supplement her salary.

A friend recommended she try out OnlyFans, so Sofia opened an account, not realising she would shoot to viral fame.

Now, working as both an OnlyFans creator and a teacher, she experiences problems from students and teachers alike who don’t believe her side hustle is appropriate.

Sofia Coste (Credits: Jam Press)

She said: “To be honest, in the school where I work, people talk a lot about me and [that’s] not always a good thing.

“They talk about whether or not students want to join my class, but in the end, it is not my decision because we have to follow the rules.

“Everything is regulated and it is not my right to accept or reject the students.”

After discovering their teacher online, many students jumped at the chance of seeing her in person, requesting to join Sofia’s classes.

The teacher added: “[I’ve had] quite a few requests to join but I don’t count them.

“They approach me and I treat everyone in a friendly way, but I am not counting who wants me to be their teacher.”

Sharing her content on TikTok, she uses her job as a teacher to help boost her views.

One clip, titled “what my students see when I drop a pen”, gained over 493,000 views and 47,000 likes, with viewers begging for her to teach them too.

Keith commented: “I see you after class miss? Need to discuss your clothing.” [sic]

Jose added: “I want to be a student.”

Sofia Coste in one of her Tiktoks (Credits: Jam Press)

“Why have I never had a teacher like this?” asked another viewer.

Ismael wrote: “I want to go to your classes.”

“Beautiful lady I want you to be my teacher,” said Irving.


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