Rival pop stars brawl in airport moments after taking selfie together


Two rival pop stars have been filmed brawling in an airport just moments after posing together in a photo.

Urban music stars Bayron Fire and Chuky Indica bumped into each other at Carriel Sur International Airport in Concepción, Chile, last weekend.

The musicians happily posed for a snap together but dramatically, just moments later, ended up in a scuffle for unknown reasons.

The clip shows Bayron, wearing white, throwing punches at his rival in black.

Chuky appears to land a couple of clean shots as Bayron is left holding his nose.

Chuky says: “Look. One. Two. I got you twice. Come on.”

They square up to fight again but Bayron apparently loses interest and walks away.

The fight peters out and Chuky bends down to pick up his dropped phone as the clip comes to an end.

Bayron Fire and Chuky Indica brawling at Carriel Sur International Airport (Photo: Jam Press)

Footage of the incident has gone viral on social media.

One viewer commented: “Ohhh… They fight worse than they sing!” [sic]

Isa said: “The people who follow them are young. The example they set is one of shame.”

Hernan wrote: “In their day, Beethoven and Mozart went through the same thing. Patience with young talents.”

Luis remarked: “Pure a***holes, what a shame, and they think they’re singers.”

Several passengers and shop workers witnessed the brawl.

The brawl broke out after the pair posed for a snap together (Photo: Jam Press)

Several hours after the incident, Bayron – who has over 1 million Instagram followers – and Chuky – who boasts 250,000 Instagram fans – apologised to each other on social media.

It is unclear if local authorities are investigating the incident.

But this isn’t the first time Byron has been involved in a fight with a rival urban music star.

In May 2022, he was filmed clashing with Chilean singer El Bai.

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