‘I forgave my husband after he cheated on me with his colleague — now our relationship is better than ever’

A woman who separated from her cheating husband after discovering he’d had an affair at work says taking him back was the “best decision of her life”.

A woman who separated from her cheating husband after discovering he’d had an affair at work says taking him back was the “best decision of her life”.

Back in 2014, Alice Lacy, 29, was swept off her feet after a Facebook message asking for a date led to a whirlwind weekend with Dominique, 33, a bartending manager, who soon after moved into her home.

The couple dated for four years before getting married and now share six children between them [not named due to privacy reasons.]

Pictured: Alice and Dominique in 2018. (Credit: Jam Press)

But there was soon trouble in paradise as Dominique’s eyes wandered to a colleague.

“I knew something was off when one night he randomly said ‘how it was hard for a man to stay with only one woman and that women would never understand’, Alice from Texas, US, told http://NeedToKnow.co.uk .

“I knew he was hiding an affair.

“He just kept brushing it off, saying there was nothing wrong and that he loved me and our family.

“We made love later that week and I cried myself to sleep that night.

“Despite him denying anything was going on, it was as if my body, mind and soul could feel the truth.”

Alice eventually confronted her partner in October 2022 and he confessed that he was seeing a co-worker and had fallen in love with her.

She said: “After he said she was his soulmate I asked if he was choosing her over our kids and he replied ‘yes I love her’ — that was the moment my heart detached from the conversation.”

Diving into her role as a protective mother, Alice agreed not to tell their children for another week and busied herself with taking care of them despite wanting to “cry and lie in bed” all day.

Pictured: Alice and Dominique in 2022. (Credit: Jam Press)

Dominique moved in with his mother and, not wanting to come in the way of true love, Alice instructed him to pursue a relationship with his colleague, assuring him that she would not hold a grudge.

Two days later, he sent a text to say he had made a mistake.

She said: “I was so confused and needed to think things through – but then he showed up at the front door to our house.

“He showed me the message to the other woman with him ending their affair and got on his knees and cried – he said doing this to our marriage was the biggest regret of his life.”

Despite her doubts, Alice decide to give her hubby, who left his old job in May 2023, another chance.

But she faced intense backlash from family and friends.

Now months later, she says their relationship is better than ever and revealed the couple are expecting another baby, due in January 2024.

She said: “My family thought I was crazy for taking him back because they were so disgusted about this whole situation.

“I was embarrassed but one sister did say she understood why I would take him back and just ultimately wanted me to be happy.

“I had so many concerns about them still working together, I was worried he was lying and they’d carry on with the affair or he wouldn’t be able to resist her.

“But he constantly reassures me and has even offered for me to read through all of his texts.

“I feel as though our relationship is more open now, we can be more honest with each other.

“In the end, this experience has showed me that nothing last forever but if you’re willing to work on things, you can mend what was once broken.

“I also feel like I can start to do things for myself now, such as put makeup on and wear a nice dress and just feel like a woman again and not just a wife or a mom.”

Pictured: Alice and Dominique in 2021. (Credit: Jam Press)

For Dominique, the situation brought some valid life lessons — he explains that his past regrets have helped him grow as a father and husband.

He said: “I made a terrible and horrific mistake that almost cost me my marriage and my family.

“In my weakest moment my wife showed me strength, in my most embarrassing moment my wife showed me compassion, when I fell she helped pick me back up.

“She has been nothing but an absolute godsend and I’m so blessed and thankful that she stayed by my side because she had every right to do the opposite.

“The love, care and peace she has brought me has motivated me to be better because I failed her, something that I will never let happen again—she has given me everything.”

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