Prudish officials destroy dozens of seized sex toys


Prudish officials have destroyed dozens of confiscated sex toys.

Bureaucrats destroyed a total of 27 various-sized rubber willies and even a thrusting dildo machine.

As well as the vibrators and butt plugs, officials also set ablaze 4.3 million illegally imported cigarettes and numerous bottles of booze.

The items were seized between January and July this year (Photo: Jam Press)

Officials at the Ngurah Rai Customs Office in Bali, Indonesia, said they destroyed confiscated goods worth a total of £174,463 (IDR 3.4 billion).

The items were seized from tourists entering the Indonesian provinces of Bali, West Nusa Tenggara, and East Nusa Tenggara, between January and July this year.

Customs officials displayed the array of goods during a press conference before setting them on fire.

Customs Chief, Susila Brata said: “At almost every airport customs office, there is usually a confiscation of sex toys.

“They are usually brought by passengers heading to Bali.”

The authorities set ablaze 4.3 million illegal cigarettes (Photo: Jam Press)

Although most sex toys are not explicitly banned under Indonesia’s strict Anti-Pornography Law, many of them are deemed too racy for the country’s norms and traditions.

As a result, they become easy targets for customs officials to confiscate at ports of entry.

One local resident joked: “Why destroy the dildo machine? It is good for drilling walls.”

Lala said: “There are a lot of dildos.”

The seized items included a thrusting dildo machine (Photo: Jam Press)

Wasan remarked: “The black mamba dildo stands firm.”

Gede wrote: “The officials’ faces seem very happy.”

Karin commented: “I’m not sure that everything that was confiscated was destroyed. There must have been a few people sneaking in to take them.”

Komang said: “From what was shown, the rest were resold or distributed among relatives.”

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