Put the boot in! Balenciaga mocked for flogging plain-looking wellington boots for £875


Balenciaga is flogging plain-looking wellington boots for £875.

Shoppers have poked fun at the trendy fashion brand for the autumn footwear.

It’s ‘Men’s Excavator boot in black’ looks just like budget brand Dunlop’s ‘Universal Wellington’

But the Balenciaga ones cost £846.01 more than the £28.99 cheaper ones.

Balenciaga wellies costing £875 look just like these £28.99 Dunlop ones (Credit: Jam Press/Dunlop)

They also appear baggy at the top due to their “oversize design.”

One customer – called Ellinor – joked: “Balenciaga wellies.

“What an absolute bargain.”

Another – named Rachael – said: “For people with skinny feet and super wide legs.”

The rubber boots come in shoe sizes five to 12.

Balenciaga’s ‘Men’s Excavator boot’ in black that cost £875 (Credit: Jam Press/Balenciaga)

They have ‘Balenciaga Rainboot’ written on the sides in white lettering.

It is similar to ‘Dunlop’ on its wellies.

The product listing reads: “Rubber boot, material: 100% polyurethane.

“Rainboot, oversize design, round toe.

“Printed Balenciaga logo, made in Italy.

“Wipe with a soft cloth.”

Balenciaga faced a backlash last year for using children posed up with teddy bears in bondage harnesses and costumes (Credit: Jam Press/Balenciaga)

Balenciaga is popular with A-listers like Kim Kardashian and Man City and England star Jack Grealish.

But it faced a backlash last November by bondage bears featured in an ad campaign with kids.

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