Woman who lost sex drive for two years ‘switches it back on’ with THIS trick – and it costs just £13


A model who used to “rent” out her side of the bed to strangers looking for sleeping companions has revealed how she has now reignited her sex drive after almost two years of celibacy.

Monique Jeremiah, an entrepreneur and former contestant on the Australian TV series Farmer Wants A Wife, claims to have “deliberately switched off” her libido in 2021.

Now, the 37-year-old’s sexual desires are back in full swing as she goes on the hunt for a husband to break her dry spell.

To help others struggling with their sex drive, the businesswoman, who runs her own modelling agency, has also shared the unique way she flipped the switch back on.

And it’s both cheap and effective at just $25 – with Monique dubbing it a “miracle” product.

“I deliberately switched off my sexual drive,” Monique, from Queensland, Australia.

“It was unusual at first but I became accustomed to not noticing men anymore and not having any sexual interest in others.

“After that, it was easy to slip into a no-sex routine as I mentally, emotionally and physically drove all of my interest into building my business instead.

“I exercised complete self-discipline and was celibate for almost two years.

“I have no regrets.”

Monique, who says she is “not a fan of sex toys”, was reluctant to try any products to assist her in awakening her libido – until a friend suggested a stimulating gel.

The businesswoman claims this one particular item has done wonders for her.

She said: “I began exploring my sex drive again before summer.

“[To reignite my libido], a friend suggested I try a pleasure gel for women called Frenzy gel by Sensuous.

“It was only $25 so I figured I had nothing to lose.

“My libido was back almost instantaneously.

“The gel gave me a lovely, warm tingling sensation.

“I feel beautifully energised again, as well as more desirable and alluring as a woman in a way I’ve never felt before.”

Monique says she uses the pleasure gel once a week to stimulate her sex drive.

According to its creators, Sensuous (https://sensuous.com.au), Frenzy is designed to give a “warm and tingling sensation… […] to increase sexual desire and heighten female orgasms”.

The all-natural product is made from blend of bush herbs and flower essence, such as Bush Gardenia and Angelica Polymorpha sinensis, which is claimed to have aphrodisiac qualities.

The user can apply it to the clitoris or elsewhere on the vulva, as well as other female erogenous zones, such as the nipples.

Interestingly, earlier this year, Monique hit the headlines for her “hotbedding” hustle, charging men hundreds to sleep on one side of her bed – but claims she maintained her celibacy throughout.

With a renewed sexual passion, she is now ready and actively looking for the right man to invite into her bedroom in a sexual sense.

Speaking about the unusual venture, she said: “I made the decision to rent my bed out for two years to attract an immediate income.

“To me, it was purely a business transaction and it happened at the same time I went celibate.

“There was no spooning or sexual interest whatsoever, it was a purely platonic arrangement.

“I want to be happily married and start a family now, I have zero interest in casual sex.

“I know what I’m looking for in a man; someone with old-school values and a desire to settle down.

“I am sapiosexual [a person who finds intelligence arousing], therefore I am triggered by success and intellect in a man – and I want him to be romantic, funny and genuine.

“Someone who can really take care of me as a woman and his queen.”

And Monique has high hopes that she’ll find her future hubby soon.

She added: “With the pleasure gel sparking up my sex drive again, I’ve made a decision to go man hunting.

“I’m just back from attending the F1 in Singapore on the hunt to find my future husband.

“I feel empowered as a woman again.”

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