HALLOWEEN: Britain’s ‘real life Addams family’ shares terrifying Halloween snap for spooky season


A real life Addams family who hit the headlines last year for revealing their house of horrors have spent £6,000 on decorations so far – and their neighbours are none-the-wiser.

Mum-of-five Sarah Adams, 37, has loved horror and Halloween since she was a child, dreaming of living in a house centred around everything spooky.

She shares this passion with her partner Sam Cullip, 38, a plasterer, and their five kids’ Alfie, 18, Jamie, 15, Kobie, 11, eight-year-old Bonnie and six-year-old Archie.

Last year, the family showed off their Halloween tree, pumpkins, eerie dolls and outfits.

In 2023, Sarah has upgraded the petrifying pad with a Beetlejuice bathroom, a Wednesday-themed bedroom and has added new details to the all-black kitchen, too.

Pictured: The kitchen after the refurbishment (Credit Jam Press)

“We leave our decorations up all year long,” Sarah, from Banstead, Surrey, told .

“This year, we have really added to our collection of spooky decorations including a Beetlejuice bathroom and Bonnie’s Wednesday-themed bedroom.

“In the bathroom, we even have a framed picture that reads ‘In case of an emergency, draw a door’, as well as green lighting and bats on the walls.

“Inside the themed bedroom, the whole colour scheme is black and there are pictures of Wednesday with some of her quotes.

“There’s also the same dolls that the character has in her room in the films, as well as skull bedding and coffin-shaped shelves.

“Bonnie absolutely loves her room so much, and we both enjoyed the Netflix show as well.

“We’ve also upgraded our kitchen this year to a full black theme with a second-hand kitchen we purchased for only £150 – complete with a singing pumpkin skeleton, lots of horror movie theme signs and pumpkin crockery.

“It’s like my childhood dream brought to life in there and I can’t help but marvel at it when I’m cooking.

“The crazy thing is that from the exterior our house looks so normal so our neighbours have no idea!

“We spend more time concentrating on the inside, rather than the outside, so it isn’t obvious.

“However, we will be putting up some decorations and pumpkins to welcome the trick or treaters on Halloween.”

Pictured: The real life Addams Family – (l-r) Kobie, Bonnie, Sarah, Alfie (back), Jamie (front), Archie, and Sam (Credit Jam Press)

The family have spent £6,000 on decorations since they first started their passion in 2008.

The Halloween tree is also back, with The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Oogie Boogie as the centre piece, candy canes, cobwebs and spiders, plus scary Chucky dolls.

Sarah also reveals where she sources most of her decor from – and why she started doing it all in the first place.

She added: “We source our decor from a range of places and buy it all year long including birthdays and Christmas.

“I regularly visit Cosmic Comics in Sutton, however, we also order from specialist shops online like Mad About Horror.

“Supermarkets at this time of year are also great to big up bargain decor such as Sainsbury’s and ASDA.

“I started decorating like this when I had my first child Alfie because I always loved horror and Halloween so I really wanted to make an effort.

“This is something I’ve always loved since I was little, I can remember watching Child’s Play and Beetlejuice, being completely engrossed.

“However, when I was child it was in the 90s and Halloween wasn’t a big thing as much in the UK, just a few pumpkins and trick or treating.

“I remember thinking ‘Why can’t it be like this all year long?’.

“Decorating like this has always been a dream come true and makes my inner child so happy.”

Pictured: The real life Addams Family – Alfie as uncle fester, Kobie as Cousin It, Sarah as Morticia, Jamie as Lurch, Sam as Gomez, Archie as Pugsley and Bonnie as Wednesday (Credit Jam Press)

This real-life Addams family have also shared their plans for Halloween 2023.

Sarah added: “On the run-up to Halloween, we’ll be watching plenty of scary movies.

“My favourite is Scream, while Bonnie loves The Conjuring and Archie loves Annabelle.

“We have got some new Addams family costumes too – some of us are switching characters this time.

“We’ll also be going pumpkin picking and carving them after and we have a party coming up too.

“My partner will be taking the younger kids out trick or treating on Halloween, while me and my oldest stay in for the treat or treaters.”

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