Couple almost get caught having sex outside NFL football stadium


A model has shared how she and her boyfriend almost got caught having a naughty romp outside a football stadium – because the game was “boring” due to the team’s losing streak.

Kaylee Killion, 27, has droves of fans online thanks to her saucy bikini snaps, with 450,000 followers on Instagram (@kaylee_killi0n ) and is used to getting attention online.

The OnlyFans model, who likes to make risqué content with her boyfriend, Cody Nelson, 29, has now gone viral, after sharing the couple’s latest daring escapade: having sex in public.

The raunchy moment took place on Sunday 8 October at the Stake Farm Stadium during the Arizona Cardinals’ NFL game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

With their beloved Cardinals losing and playing poorly, Kaylee suggested the pair spice up their day by having sex in their car, parked in the stadium parking lot.

Cody was more than happy to oblige his girlfriend’s request – with the duo hopping into the backseat of their Ford Bronco.

“I am far more daring than Cody, so it was my idea,” Kaylee told NudePR.com.

“The Cardinals were losing and I was feeling daring.

“We have had sex in all sorts of weird and wonderful places, so the stadium parking lot seemed like a good place to tick off the list.”

The lovers claim they were forced to hold their breath as a security guard trundled past their vehicle on a golf cart – but thankfully, didn’t catch them in the act.

Kaylee said: “We must’ve only been at it for about 10 minutes because it was so risky, there were police and security guards around.

“The sex was incredible and the thrill of getting caught made it even more exciting.

“We only moved here two months ago after travelling around Europe in an RV for a while, but we adopted the Cardinals as soon as we got settled in.”

The couple say they’ve had sex “all over the world”, including plenty of outdoor adventures – claiming to have gotten down and dirty while on hikes, in airport bathrooms and in bars.

The model said: “We’ve had sex wherever you can think of, but that [the parking lot] is as close as we’ve come to getting caught.

“There’s always a risk when we do sexual things in public, but that’s what we love about it.

“We’re definitely going to continue having sex in risky situations, as we love doing it.

In a few TikToks, the couple share footage of their day out with thousands of views, saying they were “almost banned” but without revealing their big sexy secret.

They tease users to a “part 2” soon to come, leaving fans at the edge of their seats.

“Wait what happened?!!,” one user said.

“What why,” said Allie.

Someone else added: “What no way.”

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