‘‘I’m a suburban housewife or so my neighbours think – they have no idea that my sex life pays for the house’

A model who was raised in a strict catholic house and was “a good girl” before marriage says falling in love unlocked her kinky side.

A model who was raised in a strict catholic house and was “a good girl” before marriage says falling in love unlocked her kinky side.

To her neighbours, Alyssia Vera is a suburban housewife with a calm, normal life – with them none the wiser to the saucy activities that happen in her home.

The 34-year-old, who was raised on a 1,800-acre farm in a small rural town in Kansas, alongside her four sisters, had a very conservative upbringing with sex never discussed by her stay-at-home mum or dad, who often worked away.

But that all changed when she met the “love of her life” – her now-husband, whose ultimate fantasy was seeing his wife have sex with other men.

(Credits: Jam Press) Alyssia Vera and her husband

“My family were really conservative, we were raised with Christian values,” Alyssia, who has 19,300 followers across social media (@‌alyssiaveraxo) told NudePR.

“We had to have good behaviour, help around the house, have manners.

“As kids, we weren’t allowed to watch much TV, instead we played outside and explored nature all around us on the farm.

“I stayed abstinent until I was 18 years old and we went to church every Sunday.

“Things changed when my parents divorced and mum became more relaxed.

“Then I met my husband, who unlocked my sexy side.”

When younger, Alyssia, who loved to sing and dance, dreamed of becoming an entertainer, spending her spare time auditioning and performing at corporate gigs and open mic nights.

But her “big break” didn’t happen until many years later – and in a very unexpected way.

In April 2018, she met her business consultant husband, who wants to remain anonymous and the pair began exploring sex together.

She said: “Meeting my husband was a huge turning point for me.

“It sounds crazy but I attracted him to me – I wrote down what I wanted and he showed up at the gym.

“We are a classic example of love at first sight.

“He proposed after two and a half years and we got married soon after [in October 2021].

“Up until that point, we had been a monogamous, conservative couple.

“But once we were married, something shifted.

“One night in the bedroom my new husband whispered in my ear that he’d find it so hot if he could see me with another man.”

Instead of being taken aback, Alyssia liked the idea and downloaded Tinder to find a match and make her partner’s dreams come true.

(Credits: Jam Press) Alyssia Vera now

She said: “The idea of opening up our marriage really turned me on too, but we had no luck looking for someone to join us online.

“One day I was googling ‘safe ways to find a third person’ and a sexy job ad came up.

“An agent was offering huge money to film adult scenes.

“I thought it could be the perfect, safe way to open up our marriage.

“When I spoke to my husband he agreed and thought it was such a turn-on.”

Soon Alyssia was shooting regular adult movie scenes and sharing sexy content online that her husband helped her film.

Now she makes over $300,000 a year from her secret job.

She said: “Looking at me, you’d never know what I do for a living– day-to-day I wear yoga pants and I still dress conservatively with no cleavage.

“Our neighbours have no idea I film sexy content on the other side of their fence.

“Nothing but great things have come from opening up our marriage in this way.

“My husband watches everything I do. He also helps me plan and shoot content at home.

“He is my biggest fan.”

(Credits: Jam Press) Alyssia on the farm

In the future, Alyssia hopes to relaunch her singing career and dreams of releasing country music independently.

But she would also like to start a family soon.

She added: “We really want children and I think when the time comes I will adapt.

“I definitely see some kind of business in my future whether that’s becoming a famous country musician or using my creativity and sensual side somehow.

“Whatever happens, I’ll always be grateful for this time and all the passion and eroticism I discovered thanks to my husband’s amazing support.”


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