Cyclist flung over gate in front of him – the third person not to spot it in eight months


A cyclist is flung over in the air after not spotting a closed gate in front of him – the third person to do it in just eight months.

The safety-conscious rider – with a helmet on and lights on his bike – is seen heading down a hill at speed.

But the thick metal gate – heading to allotments – which is sometimes open – had been shut.

Video shows the cyclist hurtling down the hill and flipping over the metal gate (Credit: Jam Press)

A loud thud is heard as he was flipped over the top of it and then landed underneath it on his back.

His bicycle was chucked five metres behind him in the opposite direction.

The poor man is heard growing on the ground before getting up and walking to his bike.

One local said: “The gate has been open for weeks and got locked two days ago.

“I’m not sure how they miss it.”

Electric scooter rider hitting the same barrier in March (Credit: Jam Press)

Thankfully the man was not seriously hurt as he walked away.

The 57-second clip was captured on a Ring CCTV camera of a neighbouring house, in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

It happened just before 8am yesterday (16 Nov).

In September, another cyclist was poleaxed by the same gate.

He was only wearing shorts and a T-shirt due to the warmer weather.

Another cyclist did the same thing in September (Credit: Jam Press)

But in March the same thing happened to an electric scooter rider.

He was seen going down the pathway at great speed.

The scooter rider was sensibly wearing a hi-viz jacket to make himself visible to pedestrians and road users.

But he too failed to realise there was a barrier ahead.

As well as leading to allotments, the cyclepath links the city centre with the eastern suburbs.

It is unknown who’s responsible for legitimately opening and shutting the gate.

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