Romantic hubby turns up at wife’s work dressed as Disney character for 30th anniversary dance


A romantic hubby has turned up at his wife’s work dressed as the Beast from Beauty and the Beast for a 30th wedding anniversary dance.

Marcelo Urbano decided to pull out all the stops for spouse Andrea Valério.

She thought she was about to attend a late meeting at the bank where she works.

However, her lorry driver hubby had a surprise in store.

The video shows Marcelo arriving at his wife’s bank dressed as the cursed prince from the Disney favourite.

Andrea comes down the stairs as a violinist plays the main theme from the hit children’s film.

Meanwhile, dozens of colleagues watch from the sidelines as she takes up the role of Belle.

She walks over to her Beast for a tender dance in the middle of the building foyer.

Marcelo told local media: “I love to surprise my wife, she is everything to me.

“On this occasion, I wanted to do something special to celebrate our 30th anniversary.”

Marcelo, who comes from Santos near São Paulo in Brazil, explained that he first got the idea while recently attending a wedding.

He was moved by the violinist at the wedding reception and asked for his contact details.

Marcelo and Andrea have been married for 30 years (Photo: Jam Press)

The thoughtful husband then went in search of an entire Beast costume.

However, after eventually finding one, he said it was too expensive to rent.

Thinking on his feet, he decided to rent just the head and went to a thrift shop to find the rest of the character’s outfit.

Marcelo said: “On the day itself, we agreed to go out for dinner, but in reality I had other plans.

“When she was about to leave work, her manager made up an excuse that she had to attend a meeting.

“When she went downstairs, everything happened according to plan.”

He said the stunt took place in March this year, but the video only went viral a week ago after the couple’s daughter posted it on social media.

The thoughtful hubby even booked a violinist (Photo: Jam Press)

Marcelo said: “It was a big internet hit because the world is in need of love right now.”

One local said: “Sensational.”

Another said: “Very beautiful! I once had a Beast and he almost devoured me, but I still believe in love.”

Delio wrote: “She’s a banker, he’s a truck driver, married for 30 years. Love is beautiful.”

Ellie bemoaned: “My turn will come.”

Eliana asked: “Who here shed a tear?”

Angelita remarked: “How beautiful. More creative and loving men like this please.”

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