Few hiccups! Four mates have pints in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – in a day

Booze lovers complete a unique pub crawl across four UK capitals in 14 hours, enjoying pints in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Despite mishaps and lost tickets, they celebrate the achievement with determination and humor
(left to right) Mike (Ireland), Tony (Scotland), ‘Doz’ (Wales) and Dafydd (England) outside the Booking Office pub.

Four booze lovers completed a pub crawl with a twist – having a pint in four UK capitals in a day.

Dafydd Pesic-Smith was joined with his brother-in-law Mike Cullen, father-in-law Tony Cullen and pal Rob ‘Doz’ Morris.

The Great Western pub. one of the pub where the 4 mates went for beer.
The Booking office pub. (Picture: Jam Press)

They managed to have a beer in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland within 24 hours.

The 14 hour and 25 pub crawl saw them catch two flights and two train journeys.

They planned to take in four Wetherspoons.
The boozers were the Barrel Vault in London, the Bridge House, in Belfast, The Great Western in Cardiff and The Booking Office in Edinburgh.

They had a beer in all four cities but they weren’t all in Spoons after a series of mishaps.

Starting in Liverpool the four booze hounds flew to Belfast for their first pint.

Each wore home nation headgear during the unique bar trip.

But drinking laws meant they were unable to buy alcohol in a pub until 11:30am.

Determined not to be derailed they bought a tin from a local off-licence before posing up outside.

They then made their way to the airport to fly to Edinburgh and drank in the Wetherspoons.
The group then jumped on a four-and-a-half hour train to London to soak up another beer.

But a lost train ticket meant they missed the planned Spoons so had to neck a pint in another pub.

And finally grabbed another train to Cardiff to get to the planned Wetherspoons.

They are thought to be the first to complete a beer in every country of the UK in one day.

Dafydd added: “I had the idea when I was about 17, as a way to celebrate my 18th birthday, yet never had been able to achieve it.

“The day itself was a challenge and fraught with a few mishaps along the way.

“When we arrived at The Bridge House, we hadn’t realised that alcohol wasn’t served until 11.30am.

The Great Western pub. one of the pub where the 4 mates went for beer.
The Bridge House pub. (Picture: Jam Press)

“We enjoyed a great breakfast at the pub but had to buy a beer from a local shop to get the photo outside the premises.

He continued: “A lost rail ticket and train cancellations frustratingly reduced our time in London and, unfortunately, we didn’t get to The Barrel Vault, so had to settle for a drink in the nearest pub to Paddington Station, sadly not Wetherspoon.

“We eventually arrived in Cardiff, via an unplanned route to Swansea taking in Reading and Bristol, finishing at The Great Western, 14 hours and 25 minutes after leaving Liverpool.”

The Great Western pub. one of the pub where the 4 mates went for beer.
The Great Western pub. (Picture: Jam Press)

He added: “We also popped in to The Prince of Wales the next day, to make up for the lost London Wetherspoon pub… it seemed only fair really.”

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