Horrified woman ‘finds spy cam’ in clothes store fitting room


A horrified woman claims she found a spy camera in a clothes store fitting room.

The unnamed shopper spotted a device near the mirror.

It is almost the same colour as the wall and is barely noticeable.

She was joined by a male companion, who dismantled it.

The pair claim it is a wireless screw spy camera that was fixed to the wall with tape.

The shocked shopper posted the video on TikTok, where it has got 21.5 million views.

She alleged: “Girls, this happened to me in a fitting room.

“I was about to try something on when I noticed a strange screw with tape, really weird.

“Be careful because it’s clearly someone who set up these hidden cameras.”

The shopper spotted the device near the mirror (Picture: Jam Press)

The woman said it happened at a shop in Culiacán, Mexico.

Shocked viewer Natashia asked: “My question is, what do they do with those recordings?”

And another warned: “Every time you go to a store, make sure to check the fitting room.”

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