‘I didn’t realise how fun sex could be until I opened up my relationship – my boyfriend gets jealous but we’re stronger than ever’

Jasmine has revealed the intimate act she’s reserved for him only…
Jasmine poses while sitting on a bed in two piece red lingerie set.

A woman has shared how opening up her relationship has boosted her sex life – though admits her boyfriend still gets “jealous” from time to time.

Influencer, Jasmine Teaa started flogging sexy snaps online in a bid to make some extra cash while in college, recently hitting the headlines after sharing how her parents reacted after they found out her side gig.

While her family initially disapproved, the 26-year-old says her 27-year-old boyfriend [not named at the request of case study] has always been very supportive.

Jasmine sits outside a house while wearing a white tennis skirt, black crop vest top and net tights.
Jasmine Teaa previously revealed how her parents “disowned her” for starting an OnlyFans. (Picture: Jam Press)

He not only helps her film sexy content but is also okay with her sleeping with other people, with the model saying this has actually improved the couple’s own sex life.

But there was some tension at the start.

“I’ve had to have lots of talks with him and take a step back to go through these emotions of jealousy,” Jasmine, who has over 483,000 followers on Instagram (@jasteaa), told NudePR.com.

“It’s all about trust, and while it’s normal to have these feelings, we’ve been able to work through them.

“Jealousy is no longer a problem.

“Nothing is off limits between us and now, he enjoys watching me with other people.”

Jasmine poses while wearing a blue all-in-one playsuit.
She hoped to find a man who supported her career (Picture: Jam Press)

Jasmine, from Los Angeles, US, met her boyfriend back in May 2018 while at a rave, and at the time, he didn’t know about the nature of her career.

On their first official date, she spilt the beans – having already decided that if he wasn’t okay with it, then they would end things then and there.

She said: “I really enjoy my work and an ex had an issue with it.

“I didn’t like that and I didn’t want to deal with that again.

“Luckily, my boyfriend was just really interested and thought it was actually quite impressive that I was able to support myself.

“He started helping me take photos and film videos, and when my parents found out, he gave me a place to stay.

“I really appreciated him for giving me a safe safe when I needed to feel truly loved.”

The couple, who like experimenting in their relationship, started dabbling in their wildest desires through Jasmine’s platform.

Jasmine said: “We tried point-of-view p*rn but that took a while to get used to, so we focused on loads of other things.

Now, she and her boyfriend make content together – including having sex with others (Picture: Jam Press)

“We’ve tried bondage, which was very exciting, and having sex with other people.

“It’s brought our relationship to a healthy level in so many ways and we’ll always try something out at least once.

“If one of us doesn’t like it, then we won’t do it again, but sex with others has remained, despite some doubts.

“Now, I’m always looking for things that can be special between us – such as letting him be the only person who finishes in me – that’s reserved for him, nobody else.”

Jasmine, who earns $1 million (USD) (£817,000) per year, says her family life has also improved with her parents, who eventually came around to the idea after seeing how happy their daughter was – and are “very proud” that she can stand on her own two feet.

She added: “Looking back, I would tell myself that while it’s hard right now, things will get better.

Jasmine poses while wearing a black two piece bikini and beach hat on a boat.
Jasmine, whose boyfriend was initially jealous, now claims that their relationship is “stronger than ever” thanks to their open sex life (Picture: Jam Press)

“It was difficult to navigate, as I had to figure it out all on my own, but now I feel empowered.

“When I think about what my career has provided me and all I’ve achieved because of it, it takes any doubts away.”

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