Video: Model leaves users divided creating homemade bubble bath with raw eggs

It created a rather sticky situation…
Hannah poses in a white room while draping a white jacket over her.

A model has left social media users stunned by creating her own homemade bubble bath – using raw eggs.

Hannah James mixed the staple breakfast product with honey and shampoo, before later stepping into her tub.

In a TikTok, the 26-year-old films herself separating the egg white before adding a dollop of other ingredients.

Hannah poses while sitting on a white bed with no clothes on – but a blue skirt tied around her waist.
The model used to be a trapeze artist (Picture: Jam Press)

The former trapeze artist – who has 117,000 followers on Instagram (@hannahjames710_ ) – then whisks the mixture, before pouring it into a running bath.

And the result is a mountain of foam.

“I found an article talking about it online and I couldn’t believe it, so I wanted to try it for myself,” Hannah, who is from Manchester but now lives in Spain, told

“One of the first times I tried it was in a jacuzzi bath and the bubbles almost hit the ceiling and I knew I was onto something special.

“The bubbles made with the egg mix last longer and are more frothy and larger than regular bubbles, it’s like the start of whisking a meringue!

“I love making the bubble bath myself because the bubbles are superior and also it’s made with natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals!

“If I’m somewhere with a jacuzzi bath, it’s a no-brainer for the crazy amount of foam it makes.”

Hannah poses while wearing a black bra with her hands over the top of them.
She mixed shampoo with egg whites to make the bubbles last longer (Picture: Jam Press)

The model, who makes £80,000 a month ($100,000 USD) with her content creation, has left users divided with the hack.

Some people were intrigued, while others felt it was just a bit too “weird” to bathe in eggs.

Rosie said: “Seems like a great idea, will try this.”

Eve said: “Genius looks better than using chemicals.”

Another follower said: “The raw egg will be poached at the end of the bath.”

Someone else added: “Gross and weird but can’t go wrong with bubbles.”

Follower Will said: “Eww raw eggs.” [sic]

She’s previously tied herself in knots and had 1,000 hotdogs thrown over her.

Hannah previously made headlines after sharing how she managed to pay off her debts by selling raunchy content online.

The ex-trapeze performer was first enrolled in circus school by her mum to seek an outlet for her ‘hyper energy’ – and would often to food tricks.

In one video, she cracked over 1,000 eggs over herself.

She has also tied herself in knots and had 1,000 hotdogs thrown over her.

The performer now uses professional lighting, a smoke machine, and pole dancing to wow her audiences.

And eggs, of course.

She previously told “I dreamed of a free and flexible working life that was full of fun and that’s what I thought the circus could give me but now I have all of that and total control of my time.

“My performing arts degree left me in tens of thousands of debt and it offered me limited career prospects.

Hannah poses in a gaming chair while wearing a two piece pink lingerie set.
Hannah now makes millions on the site – paying her debt off in one swipe – after ditching her 9-5. (Picture: Jam Press)

“I have been able to pay my debt off with ease once focusing full-time on live streaming.

“I knew from an early age that a conventional 9 to 5 wasn’t for me and I used my circus-style shows and stage performances to stand out.”

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