Model voted ‘the perfect woman’ reveals what she wants from her perfect man – and says ‘being beautiful is the secret to a better life’

The model has revealed her idea of a ‘perfect’ man…
Janaina poses while wearing a red lingerie set and red leather boots in front of a stained glass window.

A model who was reportedly voted to be ‘the perfect woman’ by Playboy has revealed what she needs from the “perfect man”.

Janaina Prazeres was thrilled to receive the accolade by the well-known magazine and has plenty of fans online, with over 59,300 Instagram followers, (@janaina3 ).

Now, the 35-year-old model has revealed the qualities she is looking for in a potential partner.

The model poses while on a boat wearing a blue bikini top and sun hat.
She says that being beautiful is ‘the secret to a better life’ (Picture: Jam Press)

And she says being beautiful is “the secret to a better life”.

“In terms of myself, I follow an exercise routine, I do integrative medicine and therapy because mental health is fundamental,” the São Paulo, Brazil, native told

“I love starting my day with a delicious, healthy and light breakfast, with fruit, scrambled eggs and I also include recommended supplements.

“I value men dedicated to me and work.

“To date ‘the perfect woman’ you need to be almost perfect too.

Janaina poses while lying on a sun lounger with a two piece white bikini on and sunglasses.
The model also believes that a focus on mental health is equally as important (Picture: Jam Press)

“I love men who praise my beauty and my intelligence.

“I also like successful, respectful men.”

The model describes herself as ‘the complete package,’ so any budding partners must be resilient to the unwanted attention she often gets.

Janaina said: “When dating me, my partner will definitely have some problems with competition.

The model says her ‘perfect’ man will be successful.

“Wherever I go, I attract attention.

“But I am modestly attractive, I attract it in a subtle way.”

And when she finds someone she really cares about, Janaina is “all in”.

She added: “When I’m in a relationship with someone, I’m very positive, I pay attention, I’m emotionally intelligent and a partner for my boyfriend.

“You know those girlfriends and wives who are ‘all in’? I am!

“Furthermore, without wanting to brag, I am remarkable at sex.

Janaina poses while on a stair case and wearing a red lingerie set with red leather boots and angel wings.
She claims to be ‘remarkable’ at sex (Picture: Jam Press)

“I like to give pleasure.

“I also take life lightly, making the most of the best it has to offer.

“Whoever dates me has the complete package.”

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