Slap up meal! Waitresses hit diners in face for £1.60 at wacky restaurant


Customers can pay Kimono-wearing waitresses to SLAP them in the face at a wacky restaurant.

Stone-faced women strike willing diners’ cheeks over and over with their palms.

Some punters even get backhanders and several of the blows are so powerful that clients are knocked from their chairs.

One man is even wheeled out before a line of waitresses, who bow before taking turns to give him a clip around the ear.

People reportedly flock to the eatery in Nagoya, Japan, to pay JPY 300 (£1.60) for the jowl-tingling experience.

The spot, named Shachihoko-ya, opened in 2012 but risked closing down because custom was slow.

But staff managed to turn things around by introducing the bizarre gimmick and business is now said to be thriving.

In fact, the tavern became so popular that managers had to hire more female staff to mete out the pre-meal violence.

Patrons who want a specific staff member to turn their cheeks red must pay a JPY 500 (£ 2.70) surcharge, local media report.

The restaurant only has one condition – the requested face slapper must be a woman.

Waitresses line up to slap a diner in the face (Picture: Jam Press)

Both men and women, locals and foreigners, are said to enjoy the experience so much that they thank their aggressors for their service.

Japan is widely known for its weird and wonderful dining experiences.

One Tokyo joint is decked out like a primary school classroom with waiting staff dressed as teachers.

Another mimics a blood-splattered asylum where handcuffed diners are served grub in a cramped cell by waitresses dressed as nurses.

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