Dating expert reveals how to find ‘the one’ in 2024 – including essential topics to avoid

A dating expert has revealed how to find your dream partner in 2024, and it’s simpler than you think.

From igniting your personal passions to flirting and trying new places, dating coach Paulina has shared her top tips to attract and keep your knight in shining armour wanting more.

Sharing tips on TikTok (@datingcoach.paulina), she has quickly racked up 153,800 followers, helping them to land a new beau for the new year.

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She also shared her first date faux pas to avoid at all costs- including mentioning your ex and making the date too long and boring.

“The best way to catch a man’s attention is to be passionate about something,” the 29-year-old told http://Needtoknow.co.uk.

“It doesn’t matter how you look if you are talking about something that you love.

“Your hobby, business or lifestyle, and your eyes are shining and you are full of positive energy and LIFE.

“Men won’t get a chance to stay away from you.

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“So find some joy and happiness in your everyday life, find hobbies you love, start to live life to the fullest, and translate it into the world.

“And you will see how you effortlessly catch men’s attention everywhere you go.”

Paulina also advised on how to keep a man obsessed with you, including radiating feminine energy and keeping healthy.

She said: “Reduce stress in your life and tap into receiving feminine mode.

“You can listen to meditations and affirmations that help you to feel this feminine energy more or just do some activities that help you to feel more feminine.

“Men are obsessed with women who know how to take care of themselves.

“It includes your physical and psychological well-being.

“Put closer attention to your grooming, perfume, style, skin, and hair.

Picture credit: JAM PRESS

“When you look healthy you become more attractive for men on a psychological level.

“Flirt and ‘play’ with him- Men are obsessed with women who make them feel incredible on dates.

“Tell him thoughtful compliments, initiate some fun activities, dance with him, do something that no one else does.”

Finally, the dating pro shared some first date no-nos which will help you secure that all-important second date in 2024.

She said: “There are seven things I would recommend you to avoid when on a first date.

“1. Being dishonest about yourself.

“2. Talk more than listen.

“3. Being overly serious about the process, treat it like an interview.

“4. Tell them your list of requirements for a partner.

“5. Talk about other people/situations negatively.

“6. Mention the ex-partner.

“7. Make it long and boring.”

“I would recommend implementing different winter events and activities into your life.

“If you are single it’s a great place to meet new people in a fun environment.

“Everyone is relaxing and having quality time, which is a good environment to meet new people.”

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