Influencer sticks head out of sunroof moments before car flips


An influencer posted a video of herself kneeling on the passenger seat with her head out of the sunroof moments before the car she was in flipped.

The BMW ended up on its side with its bonnet badly dented just minutes after Anto Pane posted the Story for her 545,000 Instagram followers.

The video shows Anto, 27, in a bikini top and short shorts as she kneels on the seat with her back to the windscreen.

Music blares from the stereo as the influencer, who is not wearing a seatbelt, pokes her head and arms through the open sunroof.

Meanwhile, the driver smacks and squeezes her bum with his right hand as he uses his left hand to steer the car down the road on Saturday (6 Jan).

The Argentine and her pals were heading to the seaside resort of Punta del Este in Uruguay when the accident happened.

Anto was left trapped in the overturned car and locals had to help her out.

Incredibly, she emerged with only a tiny bruise and a few small scrapes on her knee, as well as a sore hip.

Her friends were also unharmed and they were taken to their destination by the police.

Anto later told her fans from the beach: “Guys, we’re in the sea, recharging energy.

“Guys, for God’s sake, never get in a crazy person’s car, because we flipped over.

“I’m laughing so as not to cry.”

Anto in the car with her head out of the sunroof moments before the accident (Picture: Jam Press)

The busty blonde, who also creates content on OnlyFans, told local media about the close call the next day (7 Jan).

She said: “The car spun twice. I ended up upside down with the seat belt digging into my side.

“I put it on a minute before the crash. Otherwise, I would have flown through the windshield.

“If I didn’t have the seatbelt on, I would have literally died.

“The seatbelt saved me, and I ended up upside down.”

According to Anto, the driver was doing 75 mph at the time of the crash.

She claimed: “The guy was driving very fast; I told him 200 times to slow down or I would get out of the car.”

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