Man captures terrifying footage of ‘goblin’ in forest


A man has claimed that he came face-to-face with a goblin in a remote forest.

He managed to capture their encounter on video.

The clip shows the TikToker – known online as Wild -walking along a forest path as he holds up his arm to the camera.

The goblin hunter, who has posted multiple videos of him searching for the mythical creatures, says: “I’m already feeling chills.”

He explained that he experiences an indescribable sensation whenever he’s in close proximity to a goblin.

Wild then spots a strange, black object hiding up a tree and zooms in on it.

He says: “What is that black thing up there?

“It looks like a goblin.

“I see it on the tree trunk.

“Look, I can see its hand.

“Do you see it or not?

“It’s there.”

He then walks away, stating that he was once “attacked” by the creatures and doesn’t like to get too close.

Wild’s video went viral with 7.3 million views _(Photo: Jam Press)

Wild filmed the alleged goblin in a forest near his home in Tucumán, Argentina.

He claimed that a population of goblins live in the area around his house and he can usually find one without too many problems.

He stated that he became a TikToker with the sole intention of showing his followers a goblin in person.

He shared the clip online for his 77,500 TikTok followers where it went viral with 7.3 million views and nearly 5,000 comments.

One fan said: “I think this is the best video about the existence of goblins so far.”

Another wrote: “Most people believe that goblins are quite big, but the truth is they are tiny, which is why almost no one sees them.”

The ‘goblin’ was sighted in Tucumán, Argentina (Photo: Jam Press)

“I believe you, I once saw one in Catamarca and they are just like that, all in black with a little hat,” commented someone else.

Zeta remarked: “I’m from Chile and a goblin appeared to me in Tunuyan, Argentina.

“I’ll never forget it because I didn’t used to believe in such things.”

Diego said: “They aren’t goblins, they are demons, evil spirits.

“I saw one when I was 12. I was going to school in the morning and in the middle of the neighbourhood was this demon.”

Franko wrote: “After this video, I now believe 100% in goblins.”

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