Video: Footballer’s dad runs on pitch to clobber opposing goalkeeper


A footballer’s dad ran onto the pitch at full time and allegedly clobbered the opposition’s goalie for injuring his son.

The clip shows the angry father Alex Shpendi, wearing light trousers and a dark jumper, running across the field towards Filippo Rinaldi.

He throws a haymaker at the keeper’s head, but the player appears to move out of the way.

The crowd gasps in shock as the dad is quickly pushed away by stewards.

The shocking scenes were filmed during a Serie C league match between Cesena and Olbia at the Dino Manuzzi stadium in Cesena, Italy, on 7 January.

Cesena’s manager Domenico Toscano was also reportedly involved in a scuffle with Olbia’s boss Leandro Greco during the bad-tempered fixture.

The home side won the match 1-0 thanks to a goal by attacker Simone Corazza in the 19th minute.

However, just before the ref blew the full-time whistle, Olbia goalkeeper Rinaldi was involved in a nasty clash with Cesena forward Cristian Shpendi.

The striker suffered a blow to his eye that forced him to leave the pitch.

To make matters worse, the referee failed to sanction the keeper for the challenge.

Apparently aiming to seek revenge for his son’s injury, Shpendi Snr ran onto the pitch at the final whistle to allegedly clobber the goalie.

After leaving the police station, he told reporters: “I apologise for my ugly gesture to all the people involved at Cesena, I know them, they are great people, and I let them down.

“As a father, I went a little crazy.

Alex Shpendi has apologised for the incident (Photo: Jam Press)

“I am mortified by the bad example I set.

“I know as a family man, who has always tried to educate his children on the values of respect for others, that this act cannot be justified.

“Unfortunately, it was a moment of weakness, which led me, after seeing my son bleeding, to make a serious mistake.”

Cesena FC said in a statement: “The club firms oppose the behaviour of our player’s family member, condemning and dissociating ourselves from any form of violence and any unsportsmanlike conduct that has nothing to do with the principles of loyalty and fair play that have always characterised the club.

“Furthermore, in collaboration with the competent authorities, including analysing the stadium’s video surveillance system, all the activities necessary for the reconstruction of the incident and the identification of the person responsible for the episode which occurred at the end of the match have already been implemented.”

The investigation continues.

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