Police helicopter falls out of sky onto busy road


A police helicopter fell out of the sky and crashed onto a busy road.

The horror moment was captured on a video camera on the back of a truck.

Six people, including a doctor and a nurse, were on board the aircraft at the time.

Luckily, no one was hurt in the plunge.

The crash happened shortly after an accident involving two lorries on a ring road, which had left three people injured.

The helicopter came down in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, on Monday (8 Jan).

The chopper, which belongs to Brazil’s Federal Highway Police (PRF), was transporting one of the wounded.

PRF Commander Aurélio Leal, who was on board, said the aircraft suffered a rotor failure.

This forced the pilots to crash-land on the busy avenue.

The helicopter hit the tarmac with a thud, completely blocking traffic.

Leal said: “There were six of us. Everyone is fine, no one was injured, thank God.

“The location was the best it could be after we had the rotation failure. Unfortunately, the tail hit the fence.”

The lorry accident victim was eventually taken to a local hospital by ambulance.

Before it fell from the sky, the vortex from the passing helicopter blasted tiles off the roofs of nearby houses.

Local woman Elisa Loures told local media: “When it went up, the tiles fell inside the house.

“To avoid hurting my son, I jumped on top of him.

“The helicopter made a strange noise when it took off, and suddenly everything started falling.”

And driver Vitor Fabiano told how he was almost hit by the plunging chopper.

He recalled: “A real scare, huh? Right in front of me. Just a matter of seconds, and I could have been underneath it.

“It was truly by the grace of God.”

Cenipa, Brazil’s aviation accident investigation agency, is investigating the case.

The PRF has said in a statement: “Federal Highway Police aircraft undergo a rigorous process of acquisition, storage, and maintenance and operate with crew members who are also rigorously selected, trained, and checked.”

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