Shepherd picks up stone and downs drone with one, pinpoint shot


A deft-handed shepherd who heard a drone following him picked up a stone, hurled it, and downed the UAV in one fell swoop.

Footage shows the lone herdsman wandering through the arid expanse.

As he hears something pursuing him, he looks over his shoulder and spots the drone hovering yards above his head.

He immediately bends down, picks up a stone from the dusty ground, and lobs it with his free hand.

Over the course of a split second, the drone films how the stone gets bigger and bigger and hits the camera square on.

The UAV then tumbles from the sky and lands on the ground with a thud as the shepherd towers over the downed device.

Middle Eastern media said the incident took place in the Saudi Arabian desert.

The shepherd, who was not named but who is reportedly Sudanese, had allegedly thought the camera drone was actually a loitering munition.

The shepherd throws the stone at the drone (Picture: Jam Press)

The UAV operator and his pals immediately went to the scene and found the herder baffled and bewildered.

After realising the drone had sustained minimal damage, they teased and joked with him.

The operator, who chose to remain anonymous, said he’d cover the repair costs himself.

Aisha commented: “Nicely done. I swear to God, the guy is a sharpshooter, Mashallah.”

And Abdualrhman remarked: “100% accuracy.”

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