Woman, 26, falls in love with OAP neighbour who is 33 years older – says his adult daughters call her ‘mum’

She hopes to show others that love has now boundaries…
Roxana and Jonathan smile while wearing a black suit and white dress.

A woman has revealed her relationship with a man 33 years her senior and claims that his older daughters call her “mum”.

Roxana Eubanks wasn’t looking for love when she nervously attended her apartment building’s annual party for the first time, but a few months later, she was hitched to one of her neighbours.

The clinical psychologist, who introduced herself to everyone with the aim of making a good impression, suddenly became “whisked away” by the then 54-year-old, Jonathan, due to his charm.

Roxana and Jonathan are pictured while standing outside a front door with a NOEL sign in the background.
Roxana didn’t expect to find love with her much older neighbour (Picture: Jam Press)

Despite feeling an instant connection, Roxana felt out of her depth due to their 33-year age gap, and especially as he had two daughters 10 years older than her, as well as three grandchildren.

But now, the duo are completely loved up and are sharing their whirlwind romance to inspire others, with the 26-year-old claiming that his children even call her “mum”.

“His two daughters joke and call me ‘mum’ and I teasingly call them my kids, even though they’re older than me,” she told http://NeedToKnow.co.uk .

“I knew that he was older than me, but I didn’t think for one second that it was by that much.

“Everything about him, even the way he dressed, gave the impression of a younger man – but I was hooked on him.

“When we started dating, people in the building and in public started judging us and kept calling me a gold digger.

“I was hurt, but what really made me upset was that my mum and dad didn’t agree with our relationship and after he popped the question, they decided not to attend our big day.”

Roxana, who was quite shy before meeting her love, had previously dated older men – not many years her senior – but felt a different connection with Jonathan, now 59.

On their first date, the pair mingled over wine and spoke for hours, before exchanging numbers and talking every day.

After two weeks, they had fallen head-over-heels and while her parents weren’t very accepting, his daughters and grandchildren took Roxana in with open arms.

Roxana and Jonathan are pictured smiling while in a restaurant.
The couple have received some backlash, with people calling Roxana a ‘gold digger’ and her parents not accepting their love. (Picture: Jam Press)

Two years later, in July 2021, he popped the big question and they tied the knot only days later in an intimate ceremony at their local registry office.

Now, despite all the ups and downs, they’re continuing to spread the love and are hoping to expand their family in the near future.

Roxana, from Sacramento, California, added: “I don’t care about his money, or his age, all I know is that he’s my soulmate.

“We’re living proof that age is just a number – and if you love someone, then go for it.

Roxana smiles while putting her arms around her two step-daughters.
Jonathan’s two daughters, who are 10 years older than Roxana, jokingly call her ‘mum’ (Picture: Jam Press)

“I’m excited for our future together and although he’s almost an OAP he’s still sexy to me.”

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