Remember Snoop Dogg’s doppelgänger? Car washer identity finally revealed

Meet José Wilberto Obando, the Snoop Dogg lookalike car washer from Cali, Colombia, whose identity is finally revealed after going viral. Discover his feelings about the resemblance and his dream of meeting his famous twin.
Snoop Dogg’s lookalike reveals his identity goes viral on social media.

An unknown car washer who went viral last year for being a dead ringer for Snoop Dogg has finally revealed his identity.

A few months back, a driver pulled into a carwash and had to do a double-take after mistaking the windscreen cleaner for the famous rapper 51-year-old rapper.

He shared a video of the stranger at work, which soon racked up the views.

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The lookalike’s name is actually José Wilberto Obando and he hails from the city of Cali in Colombia.

And he’s revealed what it’s like to resemble such a famous face.

Speaking to the local press, José said he feels “very flattered” and would one day like to meet his ‘twin’.

He said: “It’s not exactly fame, I’m just very flattered.

“People have even walked behind me or tapped me on the shoulder for a picture.

“I’m always pulled over for pictures, even just on the street.”

José has plenty of fans of his own, with 220,500 followers (@snoopcalioficial) on TikTok.

In one clip, he can be seen walking around a corner, wearing an all-white outfit and a gold chain and looking distinctly like the rapper.

“Perfect swagg,” said Quentin.

“Who are you Snoop what??,” asked Jorge.

Social media comment on the video of José Wilberto Obando, Snoop Dogg’s doppelgängeänger.
Social media comment on the video of José Wilberto Obando. (Picture: Jam Press)

Abbey said: “U look like him but your not him.”

But not everyone is impressed with his mannerisms.

“Snoop don’t walk like this,” said one user.

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