Influencer laughs nervously as terrifying bear stalks her through woods


An influencer laughed nervously while being stalked through the woods by a terrifying black bear.

Isamar Gámez filmed a selfie video of her ordeal.

It shows how she tries her best to keep her calm as she walks down an empty path in a bid to escape the bear.

But it doesn’t stop following her and nearly gets within touching distance.

Through nervous laughter, the young rambler says: “Don’t come here. Don’t run.”

Isamar explained on social media: “Part of my workout includes Chipinque Ecological Park.

“It’s located in Mexico, Nuevo León, in the municipality of San Pedro Garza García, so it’s normal to occasionally come across black bears.

“Just stay calm and don’t run. P.S.: My laughter’s nerves, sorry.”

Isamar, who has more than 20,000 followers, revealed that the bear followed her for about five minutes but everything was fine.

Ronald commented: “Thank goodness it’s a small bear and it was just curious.”

But Gabriel pointed out: “I’d be having a panic attack just thinking that the mum might be nearby.”

And Javier remarked: “What a brave woman.”

Isamar Gámez being stalked through the woods by a black bear (Picture: Jam Press)

Local officials say that if you encounter a bear in the park, you should move away calmly without running or turning your back.

They also advise against staring at the bear or attempting to play dead.

The American black bear typically avoids confrontation.

However, an adult bear is quite capable of killing a human.

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