Trans influencer opens up about dating struggles and claims men see her as a ‘fetish’

A trans influencer has opened up about her dating struggles and claims men view her as a “fetish” in the bedroom.

Suellen Carey, 36, often hits the headlines due to revelations about her sex and love life, having previously revealed her method to avoiding “awful bonks”.

The model, from London, said she was using a sexual birth chart – which focuses on chemistry and intimacy levels – to improve her steamy bedroom sessions.

Picture credit: Jam Press

But it’s not always smooth sailing for the influencer, who boasts 205,000 followers on Instagram, (@suellencarey .uk).

Speaking about being viewed as a fetish due to being trans, Suellen told http://nudepr.com “Almost everyone is like this, as they [men] look [at] us for sex.

“[But I do] feel sad and angry, especially because many judge us [transgender people] – but society doesn’t know that the same people who judge us, are the same people who enjoy our bodies.”

Suellen, who knew she was transgender from childhood, has had three serious relationships, but sadly these weren’t to last.

The 36-year-old, from Brazil, said: “I loved them all and I knew that, at the time, I was also loved.

“But like all other women, I was also betrayed by them and that’s when I ended the relationship.

“It was like any heterosexual couple, we lived together and both our families knew about us.

“People told my partner that he was having a relationship with a man, or that I am not a woman, or that my partner was gay.

Picture credit: Jam Press

“These types of comments are what we hear most from relatives or close friends.”

The influencer also previously dabbled in a “traditional” relationship for six months, where she acted as the housewife and her partner was the provider.

However, Suellen quickly realised that this wasn’t what she was looking for.

She said: “I tried to live up to this idea of ‘traditional love’ but the monotony of everyday life ended up weighing too much on me.

“I felt like I was losing my identity and freedom.

“I regretted it bitterly and it’s very sexist.

“I believe that each person should seek the form of love that makes them truly happy, and for me, it wasn’t this traditional model that I imagined.

“Don’t let yourself be fooled by the first person who appears in front of you calling you beautiful.

“Never have a relationship with someone who wants to hide you and on the first date, make it in a public place.

“That’s what I did to find out who [he] was –  if he was really a man or a s**t man.”

Suellen, who has previously highlighted the importance of prostate exams for transgender women, frequently shares her lived experience of transphobia.

She added: “I’ve never hid my personality.

“I want to draw attention to the reality that many transgender people face on a daily basis, even in places that we imagine are more tolerant.

“We are born this way.”

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