‘My future wife is ‘Benidorm’s most extreme stripper’ – and I couldn’t be more proud of her’

A man set to marry a woman known as “Benidorm’s most extreme stripper” says he couldn’t be more proud of his bride-to-be, describing himself as her “number one fan”.

A man set to marry a woman known as “Benidorm’s most extreme stripper” says he couldn’t be more proud of his bride-to-be, describing himself as her “number one fan”.

When Frank, a stag do organiser, met his future wife Jade, 22, in the popular British holiday spot, the pair hit it off instantly – despite him being 22 years her senior.

Jade, who was previously an aspiring schoolteacher, had moved to Benidorm from nearby Torrevieja for a fresh start – and has since built a reputation as the area’s most famous stripper.

Now 31 and 53 respectively, the couple are planning to get married in 2024;

(Credits: Jam Press) Jade

“Jade came to work with us [me] as a rep nine years ago, and in the beginning, we didn’t see much of each other,” Frank told NeedToKnow.

“When we did see each other, it just clicked, we are both the same kind of people.

“Nine years later, we’re still inseparable, we’ve always believed that we were made for each other.”

Whilst Jade was still a rep, a twist of fate brought on her surprise career change.

She said: “I was always watching the strippers, thinking ‘I could do better than that’.

“One day, there was a group who had a sexy waitress booked and she didn’t turn up.

“So, I rang Frank and said ‘Look, we’ve got this group and they’re gonna be really unhappy, can you cover the bar for me and I’ll go buy some lingerie and heels – I’m gonna do it’.

“Twenty minutes later, I was a sexy waitress.

“I absolutely loved it – the attention from the guys is incredible and it’s such a confidence builder.

“Now I’m known as the most extreme stripper in Benidorm, and I wasn’t branded that by us.

“I got that reputation by way of my show.”

Jade’s show reportedly includes full nudity, sex acts, and things that Frank says she “wouldn’t get away with” in Britain.

He said: “In a normal strip show, you’re looking at five or six minutes, but what sets it [her show] apart isn’t how long it is.

“What sets it apart is that she’s naked within the first two minutes, topless within seconds, she uses sex toys on herself – it is very graphic, [with] legs open, in the air, you can see everything.

“We’re so used to it, it’s weirdly normal to us.”

Frank, who runs a travel agency called F*** It Parties, admits that some people would find it hard to watch their partner perform like Jade does, but claims he’s never felt jealous.

He said: “I can see why [some people might] but I’ve never been a jealous person when it comes to my side of that, it’s not in my nature.

“Now and again, someone will ask if I get jealous of her stripping and sitting on other people’s faces, but I actually think it’s the coolest thing on the planet.

“I support her with everything and the most important thing is that when people see her face – not that many are looking at her face! – you can see how happy she is.

“How could anyone not support their partner feeling like that?”

The couple still receive negative comments from time to time but it’s rare.

Frank said: “The only negative is sometimes people say ‘Oh, I wouldn’t let my missus do that’… […] she’s got a lot of fans and I’m the number one.

(Credits: Jam Press) Jade

“I am so proud of her.

“She’s amazing, Jade is so much more than [a stripper], she’s such a beautiful person.”

Jade said: “When people say, ‘My partner wouldn’t let me do that’ I say, ‘Well, mine would’.”

Outside of being celebrities in Benidorm, the pair say that they are just like any other couple.

Frank said: “We are just like everyone else – when we are on our own together, it’s cuddle time.

“We are so close, we are always together.

“She is my soulmate, we just get on.”

The couple tried to keep Jade’s adult career secret for a while, with her using a fake name, but quickly realised that wasn’t going to work.

Jade said: “I learned that you can’t be discreet and successful.

“I said ‘You know what, this is me, this is what I enjoy, I’m good at it and I actually love what I do’.

“I wanted to be proud of myself and show myself off.”

Frank added: “The idea of having an alias didn’t last long, because it’s not [her].

“We knew that her mum would be supportive because she is amazing.

“My daughter [Kara] is 26 and she’s supportive, and to be honest we didn’t really care about anyone else.”

(Credits: Jam Press) Jade

Another common misconception many outsiders have is that the pair aren’t monogamous.

Frank said: “We get people who ask about the open relationship [stuff] and the answer is no.

“If there was a situation where I had to choose work or Jade, it would be Jade one million percent, there is nothing that would get in the way of that.

“If Jade decided that she didn’t want to do it anymore, that would be no problem because she doesn’t need to.

“It’s her choice.

“We feel like we are married already, but we are hopefully going to get married this year.”

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