Glam military fighter pilot swaps cockpit for runway to enter beauty pageant


A glamorous military fighter pilot is swapping the cockpit for the… runway… by entering a beauty pageant.

Michelle Martin is a candidate for Miss Universe Chile in her homeland.

The 24-year-old joined the Chilean Air Force when she was just 18.

She has risen to the rank of Second Lieutenant.

Martin was born in Venezuela and settled in Chile with her family over five years ago.

Michelle joined the Chilean Air Force when she was 18 years old (Photo: Jam Press)

She has a Chilean father and a Venezuelan mother.

She will represent the Chilean city of Puerto Montt where she has been based for several years.

She said: “My decision to participate was enthusiastically welcomed by my family in Chile and Venezuela, as well as by my Air Force colleagues.”

Martin previously said in an interview: “I really love military life.

“The career is very nice and you grow integrally.”

Michelle has a Chilean father and a Venezuelan mother (Photo: Jam Press)

She is one of only a few candidates who aren’t involved in the entertainment industry.

This year, Miss Universe Chile representatives include Big Brother star, Francisca Maira and influencer, Bárbara Lackington, who appeared on MasterChef in 2019.

Trans model, Ariel Cordero has also been announced as a candidate.

The final of Miss Universe 2024 will take place in Mexico City on 17 November this year.

An organisation spokesperson said: “We would like to present Michelle Martin who qualified for Miss Universe Chile 2024 by in-person casting.

“Soon you will be able to learn more about Michelle in our Miss Universe Chile app.”

Estela Menéndez, 72, is vying to become Miss Universe Argentina (Photo: Jam Press)

Last week, it was confirmed that a 72-year-old grandmother is vying to become Miss Universe Argentina.

If successful, Estela Menéndez hopes to represent her country at the international event this year.

She was able to enter the pageant after the age limit was dropped for 2024.

Previously, candidates had to be aged between 18 and 28 years.

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