Big-bottomed influencer who slammed plane seat sizes shares throwback snap before ops


Influencer Gracie Bon has shared a throwback snap of how she looked before undergoing several ops.

Bon – who recently hit the headlines when she complained about plane seats being too small for her curvy behind – said: “It all started with me loving my 300lb body.

“And even so, many tell me ‘but if you had loved it, you would have stayed like this and not changed anything about you’.

Gracie now (Photo: Jam Press)

“The truth is that I loved my body so much that I wanted to take care of it and decided to save myself.

“I didn’t like my knee pain, not being able to breathe properly or rejection from my ex-partner at that time, so I did everything possible.

“After losing weight, I removed some of the extra skin with surgeries.”

Gracie before (Photo: Jam Press)

The 26-year-old influencer added: “It takes a lot of time to understand that beauty is behind your eyes only and I love all the beautiful versions of myself.”

She shared the comparison photo with her 4.7 million fans on Instagram.

Last year, Bon shared a similar throwback snap of herself at 21 years of age compared to herself four years later.

The Panamanian plus-size model said: “We all have our times, processes and no one knows the condition or health status of an overweight person.

Gracie five years ago (Photo: Jam Press)

“Every journey is unique.”

She added: “Always show love and empathy to others, everyone is fighting a battle you may not understand.”

At the end of January, the model called on airlines to make their plane seats bigger as she couldn’t fit her “big a*se” in them.

Bon complained: “Airplanes should have bigger seats.

“So today I had a flight and even if I was flying in first class, I couldn’t fit on the airplane.

“So this is a petition for all the airlines so big girls like me can fly.

“It’s not my fault I have an a*se this big.”

Bon has spoken about the operations she had done on her YouTube channel, admitting to undergoing a gastric bypass, a Brazilian butt lift, liposuction and abdominoplasty.

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