Model celebrates Superbowl LVIII win by having sex with fiancé in parking lot outside stadium

An influencer has left internet users speechless after revealing what she got up to during the infamous Super Bowl Sunday.

An influencer has left internet users speechless after revealing what she got up to during the infamous Super Bowl Sunday.

The game between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Fransisco 49ers took place yesterday (11 February) with tens of thousands in attendance at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada – including model Kaylee Killion.

But while others enjoyed beers and Buffalo wings, the 27-year-old got herself a different kind of treat – by having sex in the parking lot with her fiancé, Cody Nelson, 29.

Kaylee and Cody, who have 84,000 followers (@‌thenaughty_travelers), shared a racy snap on Instagram to tease the news to their fans.

(Credits: Jam Press) Kaylee Killion

“The 49ers didn’t win but Cody did,” the post read, with a photo showing the influencer flashing her breasts to her beau.

Kaylee claims the idea actually came from their fans.

“It was more intense and more risky than honestly anything we’ve ever done,” she said.

“We were a little more vocal about it [ahead of time] and that does increase the risk.

“We asked our fans on Instagram if they’d like us to have sex at the Superbowl. [They said yes].

“I’d assumed that we would get in trouble [if we were caught].

“If we did get pulled over and the cop was chill and got humour out of it, we’d [probably have been] fine.

“But I think technically we could have got arrested and got a fine for public indecency.

“It was risky, but I think people were so into the game and partying that we were fine.”

(Credits: Jam Press) Kaylee Killion flashes her boobs to her fiance, Cody Nelson, outside the Super Bowl stadium in Las Vegas.

Social media users were left stunned by the post.

“Cody went  deep….half time show?,” asked one user.

Judd added: “Cody, you couldn’t have stood over here?!”

“Chiefs  Cody will always win with you,” Alexander added.

“That’s so cute,” said Steve.

“Did he?,” asked Rafa, referring to whether or not Cody did indeed “win”.

This isn’t the first time Kaylee and Cody have enjoyed sex in public.

Last year, the model shared how they were nearly caught having a naughty romp outside another football stadium, after getting “bored” by watching their NFL team, the Arizona Cardinals, lose the game.

Cody was more than happy to oblige his fiancé’s sexy request – with the duo hopping into the backseat of their Ford Bronco.

(Credits: Jam Press) Kaylee Killion and her fiancé, Cody Nelson

Kaylee also teased that there might be more steamy activities to come in the future.

Speaking to Nude PR at the time, she said: “I am far more daring than Cody, so it was my idea.

“The Cardinals were losing and I was feeling daring.

“There’s always a risk when we do sexual things in public but that’s what we love about it.

“We’re definitely going to continue having sex in risky situations, as we love doing it.

“The only places we wouldn’t have sex in public are churches and schools.”

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