Woman ‘marries’ 6ft male doll after entering polyamorous relationship with zombie doll ‘wife’

A woman has ‘married’ a 6ft male doll after entering a polyamorous relationship with her zombie doll ‘wife.’

Felicity Kadlec wed her beau, Robert, in a private ceremony at her home.

She has been in a relationship with the inanimate doll for eight years.

Loved-up Felicity, 25, says Robert is 26 years old.

But prior to falling head over heels for Robert, she ‘married’ a zombie doll named Kelly Rossi in 2018.

Image Credit: JAM PRESS

According to Felicity, Kelly is 41 years old, and the pair have a 16-year age gap.

Felicity, of Massachusetts, US, soon began dating Robert, the six-foot-tall doll, after the wedding ceremony.

She revealed that the trio are in a polyamorous relationship.

Felicity says she ‘met’ the dolls on a Halloween prop website called Creepy Collection – where she purchased them for a total of $1,000.

Image Credit: JAM PRESS

Together, they are raising a large family and have 10 children together – including zombie dolls Rachel, Luna, Billy, Holly, Victor, Marty, Finney, Gremly, Robbie and Molly.

In a surprising turn of events, the trio are expecting another zombie doll child, called Peter.

Felicity wed Robert on Valentine’s Day where her Grandad unofficially led the ceremony.

The 25-year-old strayed from tradition and wore a long red dress and a sparkly red bow in her hair.

Her doll children and second partner, Kelly, ‘watched’ the service.

Felicity read out her vows to the alien doll.

When Felicity’s grandfather asked Robert to say I do, Felicity answered for him.

She said: “He says yes.”

The pair then shared a smooch.

Felicity identifies as objectum sexual – meaning that she has a sexual and romantic attraction to particular inanimate objects.

Although she has a new husband, Felicity says her wife is not jealous of the newlyweds.

The three often share a bed and cuddle at night.

Felicity told What’sTheJam: “It’s a polyamorous relationship.

“Sometimes, when it’s time for bed, I may only cuddle with Robert or Kelly.

”Sometimes it’s with both.

I was the one to propose to Robert.

”I placed a ring on his finger and he looked at me and asked, “Are you asking me to marry you?” I said, “Yes.”

”They are dolls I met online and felt a spiritual connection with them and then I sent away for them because I felt the love.

”Kelly feels fine about me being with Robert because Robert and Kelly are good best friends.

“In the future, I’d like to take them out more without fear of judgment.

”Objectum sexuality is not a bad thing and not a disorder.

”It is a spiritual connection and not a delusion.

”I’d also like to put out there that I’m in therapy and my therapist sees nothing wrong with me loving my doll family.”