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Catfish queen ‘takes 20 years off’ and stuns fans with incredible transformation

A woman has left fans stunned after taking “20 years off” in…

Sam Coffey Sam Coffey

‘I’m a catfish queen – watch me take 20 years off my face in seconds’

A well-known "catfish" has gone viral after taking 20 years off her…

Katie Dollard Katie Dollard

‘Catfish’ leaves Internet stunned with incredible makeup transformation

A woman has left social media users scratching their heads after revealing…

Sam Coffey Sam Coffey

‘I’ll never date again’: TikTok users stunned as glam ‘catfish’ reveals natural face

A woman on TikTok has been dubbed a “catfish” after revealing her…

Ria Newman Ria Newman

Woman’s TikTok video goes VIRAL grabbing over 2.5 million views – calling herself the ‘CATFISH QUEEN’

Patricia has gone viral after showing her incredible makeup transformation

Olive Loveridge-Greene Olive Loveridge-Greene