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Sleepy boy, 12, whose grades slumped at school actually had huge LARVA tumour in his head

Schoolboy Misha's mysterious symptoms revealed a larval tumor caused by a pork…

William McGee William McGee

‘I was planning my wedding – then doctors told me I had 10cm tumour in my SHIN and life went on hold’

A woman was left in “excruciating pain” for months after doctors found…

Sam Coffey Sam Coffey

Woman discovers 20lb tumour with TEETH and HAIR growing in ovary

Jaimi believes the weight 'melted' off after having the tumour removed.

Amy Walters Amy Walters

Woman left unable to move due to SEVEN STONE tumour finally has it removed after 18 YEARS

A woman has finally had a seven stone tumour removed after 18…

JacobNTK JacobNTK