Man ‘fed up with cost of living’ moves from Britain to Tenerife to save on bills

The Brit is planning to leave the UK as living costs continue to soar.
Josh poses by a beach biggie

A man “fed up” of the cost of living crisis has decided to ditch the UK for sunny Tenerife – and claims it’ll save him a whopping “75% on rent and bills”.

Josh Peacock, 23, is originally from Dublin but has lived in Manchester since January 2022, after starting up his own business and finding most of his clients up north.

Just nine months later, following the dire state of the country’s economy, he is planning to leave the UK altogether.

Josh Peacock swapped grey skies for sunshine. Jam Press

“I’m not really up for winters in the UK but other than that things are just getting really expensive,” he told Jam Press.

“I’ve seen my bills, council tax, all of that go up by quite a bit since I moved in and I don’t want to carry on the way it is.

“I’ve been following the ups and down of the economy for years and the cost of living crisis is crazy, it just seems like a ploy from the government to try and get everybody in debt.

“It’s really sad to see what’s happening.

“I can get a place in the sun with a stunning location, hammocks and the lot, for literally 75% less than the UK!

“Come 22 October, I’m leaving.”

Josh loves to travel. Jam Press

Josh, who spends around £1,200 on bills every month, is set to save £900 a month.

He already has his flights and accommodation booked and ready to go.

The business owner’s family are thoroughly supportive of his choice, and his sister has even had a similar idea.

He said: “My sister is 22 and she’s just moved to Thailand.

“It’s an extreme one as it’s not like she’s just moved to Barcelona, but she is loving life.

“She’s currently living on an island, posting photos in the family group chat, and working remotely.

“It was just the other day she sent a photo of a fry-up, coffee and smoothie for like three quid!

“She’s running a global supplement company while keeping her living costs as low as possible.”

Josh Peacock’s loves his new home in Tenerife. Jam Press

Not only is Josh looking forward to saving a chunk of his salary, but he’s also excited about spending more time in the sun.

Josh said: “I just want somewhere that’s hot in the winter, and with Tenerife the average is like 24 degrees in December.”

The only thing he’s worried about is the money conversion now that the pound has dropped to record low levels.

He added: “It’s [the pound dropping] definitely been on my mind.

“But luckily we have business coming in from the US and Australia so don’t have to fully depend on the pound.”

Josh believes many Brits could move abroad to escape the rising costs. Jam Press.

Josh believes that more young people are likely to leave the UK in the coming months due to the cost of living crisis and having more opportunities elsewhere.

He added: “When the people you didn’t think would ever mention the words inflation, CPI’s or recession do, then you know it’s time to run.

“Everyone is starting to wake up.

“The goal is simple, make money online, don’t get into debt and live wherever you want.”

Josh left the rat race behind. Jam Press.

Giving advice to anyone looking to do the same, Josh recommends that those who can start their own business or go freelance, instead of running in the London and UK rat race.

He added: “I know people that at the end of the month have got £100 to spare and have to be really careful with it.

“If anything else goes up, what are they going to do?

“It’s so important now to try and get your skills up, something that can get you a remote job or start something by yourself, you could even go freelance.

“It gives you so much more opportunity.

“I’m the kind of guy who walks by in shorts and sliders all the time, which I obviously don’t really wanna be doing here in the UK.”

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