Private investigator reveals why you should snoop on partner before moving in together

A private eye reveals why it’s important to investigate your partner before you move in together.

A private eye reveals why it’s important to investigate your partner before you move in together.

Charlotte Notely, from Norwich, has carried out hundreds of deep dives into people’s backgrounds, uncovering countless shocking secrets.

Moving in with someone can be intense, but it’s important to ask serious questions to protect yourself.

Pictured: Charlotte Notely at work. (Credit: Jam Press)

Before moving in with your spouse, she advises you to do a little research of your own as things aren’t always what they seem.

“We all know moving in with someone is an adjustment,” the 32-year-old told

“Bad habits and doing things differently can be something that takes time to get used to, but this should never be your main focus.

“Depending on your previous circumstance, moving in with a spouse may not be viable.

“Protect your assets and your independence as you don’t want to fall short should the worse happen.”

The private investigator shared her top tips for protecting yourself when moving in with your spouse, partner or even roommates.


She said: “Firstly, ask yourself how well you really know them?”

“Have you met their family? Their friend network? If not, why not?

“That is a big red flag if you haven’t yet met the family or friends network as the people we choose to spend time with are a reflection of ourselves.

Pictured: Staff at Taylor Investigations. (Credit: Jam Press)


“Have you had an open and honest conversation about finances?” asked Charlotte

“Again, if not, you need to.

“Understanding the finances of both parties is key.

“Know who is a spender and who is a saver.

“Will all bills be a 50:50 split or another arrangement?

“Knowing the finances from the start is a key indicator if there is anything the other party could be hiding.


“The top tip to save a relationship breakdown is trust and finances,” she added.

“Know the financial standing of the person you are moving in with as this will tell you all you need to know about the other party.”

Sharing some horror stories, Charlotte reveals the strangest things she has found when investigating a partner.

She commented: “We have carried out many background investigations into partners before moving in or tying the knot.

“Some have been straightforward, a lot have financial matters hidden but one surprise brought up a male who was on various dating sites with a keen interest in transsexual men.

“This male had a whole life our client knew nothing about, a completely different job (and was earning substantially less than he said) and a child from a previous relationship.

“How he expected to hide a child he was in regular contact with was beyond us!”

Pictured: Charlotte Notely. (Credit: Jam Press)

Moving in with someone is always exciting, but it’s important to be careful.

Charlotte said: “I cannot stress enough how important it is to investigate someone’s background before moving it!”

“Ask the difficult questions before you commit to someone and if you don’t get a straight answer there are people and companies you can turn to.

“More often we are contacted after it has gone wrong and this is often too late.

“So always remember knowledge is power and your partner should have no problems with the questions asked, as long as they have nothing to hide.”

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