Moment angry tap dancer confronts rapper over prime street spot – but ends up joining him for show


A tap dancer angrily confronts a rapper over a prime spot on the street – but ends up joining him for a show.

Joseph Harrison, also known as Joe Dreamz, was performing when the dancer angrily kicked over his money bucket.

Joe, 28, was left stunned as the older man booted his collection container down the pavement.

Joe groans as the tap dancer confronts him, saying: “You want f*cking trouble?

“I’ll give you f*cking trouble, stealing my spot.”

In the next scene, the dancer tells Joe: “You’re not f*cking playing here, I’m telling you right now.”

Joe calmly replies: “Well, why don’t you go ahead and get the manager from the market and then we’ll talk about it.”

The next scene shows an onlooker approaching Joe to tell him to “stand your ground”.

The man added: “Don’t leave, I’d rather hear you than his stupid tap dancing.”

The dancer is then seen performing just a few feet from the rapper’s spot.

Joe approaches the dancer with a proposal. Before he can pitch his idea, the elderly man apologises for “kicking your can”.

Joe suggests: “It’s hard for the people to enjoy your performance or my performance when they’re both at the same time.

Joseph Harrison lives in San Diego (Photo: Jam Press)

“What if you tap danced to my songs?

“We can be in synchrony and then we both can prosper.”

In the next scene, the elderly man is seen tap dancing to one of Joe’s raps along with a traffic control worker who was apparently taken by the joint performance.

Joe, who lives in San Diego, California, said the confrontation took place on 13 January.

He told WhatsTheJam.com: “The tap dancer got angry when he noticed I was performing at the same spot he performs at.

“This led to the dancer approaching me and savagely kicking my belongings.

“I decided to calm the dancer down and convinced him to perform together.”

The dancer kicked Joseph’s can down the road (Photo: Jam Press)

Joe posted the clip on his Instagram page where it went viral with 1 million views and thousands of comments.

One local said: “‘I’d rather hear you than his tap dancing ass’, f*cking floored me!”

Danny wrote: “Wow that’s Pat, he is a super nice guy. You must have had to really piss him off. He is very passionate about his tap dancing.”

Antionette commented: “I love how you kept singing after he kicked your can.”

Demi remarked: “Man put his whole heart into that kick.”

Vanessa said: “The ending for me is class act!”

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