UK surgeon says Brits are being ‘traumatised’ by BOTCHED Turkey jobs – with women left with ‘piggy’ noses

Beware of botched cosmetic surgeries abroad; a leading surgeon shares cautionary tales of nose job disasters, urging against medical tourism.
Beware of botched cosmetic surgeries abroad; a leading surgeon shares cautionary tales of nose job disasters, urging against medical tourism.

A leading nose job surgeon has shared examples of some of the worst botched Turkey jobs he’s dealt with in a bid to warn people against medical tourism.

Dr Charles East says Brits are being left “traumatised” after having cheap cosmetic procedures abroad – with one patient devastated by her “piggy” nose.

In 2019, the UK government’s Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office found that 25 Brits had died as a result of going under the knife in Turkey.

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And it’s estimated that complications have increased by 35% since 2022, according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS).

“In the quest for aesthetic perfection at an affordable price, medical tourism has become increasingly appealing to many in the UK,” Dr East told Need To Know.

“Among the vast array of procedures, rhinoplasty – commonly known as a nose job – has emerged as a popular choice.

“The cost difference can be significant; in the UK it can cost between £7,000 and £17,000, while overseas, it may be available for as little as £2,500 to £3,000.

“And nose jobs in Turkey being available for £2,000.

“The most recent case [I’ve dealt with] is a young woman, who at just 19 went to Istanbul to get a nose job.

“She wanted a minor change of improving the profile and having the bump removed – but the results left her feeling disappointed and upset.

“She was given a ‘piggy’ looking nose, which has a slope and is too short and upturned.

“The nose doesn’t fit her face well at all.

“Cut price surgery in any country is cheap for a reason.

“I was alarmed to read recently that Turkish surgeons are organising ‘medical roadshow’ events in the UK, luring in Brits who are looking for cut-price surgery.

“I’ve even heard that some Turkish clinics are targeting pet owners and offering cut price veterinary surgery, with a nose job thrown in for the owner.

“It’s ludicrous and very concerning.”

Dr Charles, who co-founded the Rhinoplasty London clinic and is the UK Vice President of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery, says that cases like this are becoming more common in his practice.

He said: “People are left feeling abandoned and helpless.

“This lady now lives with the shock and regret of not recognising herself.

“Another similar case is of another young lady in her early twenties who was treated by a Turkish surgeon for a bump on her nose.

“The surgeon didn’t explain what he was going to do before the operation and she only met [him] on the day of her surgery – and had no chance to explain what she was looking to achieve.

“The patient was unhappy with the results and she was left traumatised and depressed about her new appearance.

“Three years have passed since and she continues to get counselling for her trauma.”

These are only two cases of many that the surgeon has dealt with.

He’s also seen several other people who have asked him to fix their “piggy” noses.

He is urging people to be extremely cautious when going for a discounted package deal; including flights, hotel and the procedure itself.

Dr East said: “My concern is that you are paying rock bottom price for zero medical certainty.

“If you’re considering any surgical procedure abroad, you must ask yourself some important questions.

“Who will look after you if a problem is experienced post-surgery?

“Are you prepared to travel abroad for follow up consultations and complications?

“Many people don’t realise that you’re unlikely to get any post-surgical support from the clinic unless it’s a life-threatening problem.

“Remember, if there is an issue, the follow up cost will fall on you to cover.

“With the associated risks of travelling abroad, you’ll probably end up saving very little.

“[There’s also] language barriers and communication issues [to consider] which can lead to misunderstanding and present obstacles to fully informed consent.

“Rhinoplasty is not only a medical procedure, but also an art form influenced by cultural perceptions of beauty.

“What is considered desirable in one part of the world, may not align with the aesthetic preferences in the UK, potentially leading to dissatisfaction with results.

“There is nothing more expensive than cheap advice.

“Quality always comes at a price.”

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