‘Don’t go there alone’: Inside creepy abandoned hospital with ‘HELP’ written on the walls


An urban explorer has shared his find – an abandoned hospital with human blood still stored in the fridge.

Sonny, 25, from the US, discovered the deserted facility and spent six hours delving into the creepy past of the forgotten-in-time building.

Inside, he found patient rooms with beds and fully functioning televisions, as well as stocked emergency rooms.

Pictured: The operating theatre. Credit: Jam Press

Sonny recalls the hallways being filled with decay and was left stunned by a particularly gruesome discovery.

“X-ray rooms with all the machines were frozen in time and also a laboratory that still had human blood samples stashed away,” Sonny told Jam Press.

“There was a section of operating rooms which looked brand new and the other was something out of an apocalypse.

Pictured: A room at the abandoned hospital with “Help” written on the wall. Credit: Jam Press

“We also found a cafeteria and some office spaces with paperwork and computers.

“We came across some of the craziest things and it didn’t feel real.

“I spend so much time searching through everything and I find some really interesting things.

“We found a tube-like device that looked like it belonged in a science fiction movie – but it turns out it was used to hold babies during an X-ray.”

Pictured: The fridge with blood samples. Credit: Jam Press

Sonny shared a video of the exploration to TikTok, which has since racked up three million likes and over 31 million views.

In the clip, he shines a torch into the building and finds the word ‘help’ is written on the wall in a substance that looks like blood.

As he continues his search, decayed and water damaged walls and flooring appear to be falling apart.

Surgery tables are set up as if ready for their next patient, and the fridges are stocked with human samples.

“I hope you don’t go there alone omg,” one viewer commented. [sic]

Another person added: “It looks like the walking dead place.”

“Bro there was something in the top hole watching you,” someone else said. [sic]

Another viewer commented: “Can I come it looks fun.”

“I can’t be the only one that finds this comforting,” another person commented, to which Sonny replied: “You’re not alone mate.”

Although Sonny has lots of experience discovering abandoned buildings, it was a mystery as to why the hospital was left in such a hurry.

Pictured: Sonny Schaffner. Credit: Jam Press

He said: “Exploring an abandoned hospital is a super unique experience, especially when everything has been left behind.

“I remember taking my first couple of steps inside and I felt like Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead.

“We made our way around in the darkness and found some operating rooms.

“I took a seat on the operating table which was left exactly how it was on the day it closed.

“I sat in silence and thought about all the people who laid right where I was – maybe some walked away after surgery and others didn’t.

“I felt sadness and this section of the hospital was filled with it.”

Although many of his viewers are intrigued as to where these locations can be found, he prefers to keep their addresses private.

Sonny added: “Not only are they dangerous to explore, they can be ransacked or destroyed by vandals.

“People seem to think some of my flashlight style videos are CGI – but I assure them they are definitely real.

“Exploring these abandoned locations is something that I’ve always been fascinated by, even as a child.

“It’s allowed me to see the world from a different perspective.

“I encourage people to get out and explore more, as there are so many amazing adventures to be had in this lifetime – we just have to find them.”

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